Bank of Sydney Credit Cards

Centred in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, the Bank of Sydney’s focus is on providing banking services and credit cards to ‘multicultural Australia’.

The Bank of Sydney commenced Australian operations in 2001, as Beirut Hellenic Bank. It changed its name to Bank of Sydney in 2013. Its parent company is the Bank of Beirut, based in Lebanon. The head office is in Sydney, with branches also located in Melbourne and Adelaide. The bank has 16 branches in total and employs around 180 people.

Bank of Sydney financial products

The bank offers a range of financial products and services, including two credit cards, home loans, car loans, foreign exchange services and business banking.

Anyone can have an account

Previously serving mainly Australians who were part of the Lebanese and Greek community, the bank aims to expand its customer base to the whole of what its chairman described as ‘multicultural Australia’. Since online banking and a mobile app are available, plus access to RediATMs, you don’t need to live in Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide to open a bank account or use its credit cards.

balance transfer
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Bank of Sydney Classic Credit Card
Save money with 0% p.a. for 6 months on balances transferred.
Earn $4 for every $1000 when you spend over $5,000 without expiry.
Secure shopping for your online payments.
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Add to comparison
6 months
0% p.a.
then 11.99%
with a 0% fee
6 months
6.99% p.a.
then 11.99%
Earn $8 for every $1000 on all eligible purchases without expiry
Platinum benefits with low $129 p.a. annual fee.
Switch to 0% p.a. for 6 months on balance transfers.
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6 months
0% p.a.
then 18.49%
with a 0% fee
6 months
6.99% p.a.
then 18.49%

Win up to $1,000

When you get your credit score and apply for a credit card by March 1, 2019.

Q&As about Bank of Sydney Credit Cards from customers

Q: What is the Bank of Sydney?

It’s a foreign-owned bank whose parent company is the Lebanon-based Bank of Beirut. It has been operating in Australia since 2001, and has 16 branches spread across Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Q: Can anyone have a credit card from the Bank of Sydney?

Yes. The bank began life as an institution mainly serving the Lebanese and Greek communities in Australia, but extends its services to all Australians.

Q: What kind of accounts and products does the Bank of Sydney offer?
  • Two credit cards: the Bank of Sydney Classic Mastercard and the Bank of Sydney Platinum Mastercard
  • Bank savings and transaction accounts
  • Term deposits
  • Home loans
  • Car loans in partnership with a finance broker
  • Foreign exchange services and foreign currency accounts
  • Business bank accounts, business loans and merchant services
Q: Does the Bank of Sydney have branches and ATMs?

Yes, it has 16 branches located in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. It doesn’t have its own ATMs, but account holders and cardholders can use RediATMs.

You can manage your accounts, including your credit card, via online banking and a mobile app.

Q: Does the Bank of Sydney have online banking?


Q: Does the Bank of Sydney have a mobile app?


Q: Are Bank of Sydney credit cards compatible with Apple Pay?


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