10 Ways to Spend 120,000 Qantas Points

10 ways to spend 120,000 Qantas Points

You're just about to apply for your new Qantas points credit card, spend a few thousand dollars to unlock the signup bonus points and pocket up to 120,000 Qantas Points. 

If you’re anything like me, you jump at any chance to hop on a plane and go travel. And with enough points you can literally do it!

Here are 10 amazing destinations high up most people's wanderlust wishlists all achievable using up to 120,000 points or less with through the Qantas Frequent Flyer program flying in economy or business class.

1. Bali from 99,000 points

The lush landscape of Bali
The lush landscape of Bali
  • 90,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer Points
  • Sydney (SYD) — Bali (DPS)
  • 1 adult | Business Class | return
  • $100 approx airline charges and taxes
  • Flying on Qantas and Jetstar

Of Indonesia's 17,000 islands, Bali stands out as the perennial tourist go-to island. The island thrives on tourism, and welcomes tourists to explore it all year round. Walking along the beaches in Bali, you might stumble upon a group of musicians or dancers, or maybe, you'll pass the unique, and beautiful Ulan Danu Temple, where it is likely the locals will make you feel very welcome.

Most likely, you'll be flying with Qantas on one of the A330-200's with big comfy leather chairs - if you get onto the right plane you'll even get to fly in the newer lie-flat business class product. Qantas booking website often will try to put you onto a Jetstar flight or route you via Melbourne or Singapore with codeshare partner British Airways.

To do the Sydney to Bali route in business class on Qantas or Jetstar will typically cost between $700 - $1,000. So by cashing in 90,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer points, plus $300-400 in airline taxes and charges, you could start your holiday on the plane in style.

According to most flight searches, points booking availability is okay for economy seats to find on both Qantas, especially during busy holiday times. Trying to book a business class seat is much harder.

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This credit card offer is subject to change and may not be directly related to the content of this article.

2. Los Angeles from 96,000 points

The sunset over Los Angeles
The sunsets in LA are amazing
  • 96,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer points
  • Sydney (SYD) — Los Angeles (LAX)
  • 1 adult | Business | one way
  • $150 approx airline taxes, fees and carrier charges
  • Qantas plus their codeshare partners

If you’ve ever dreamed of meeting a movie star, or checking out Venice Beach, getting across the Pacific to the home of glitz, glamour and beauty is not out of reach for savvy credit card shoppers. Los Angeles is a great place to start your time in the USA, it's your gateway to the West Coast and you can start tours that go along the coast or go inland to Las Vegas. 

A basic return ticket in economy class on a direct flight with Qantas or codeshare partners Delta and American Airlines will routinely set you back between $800 - $1,500. So by cashing in 96,000 Qantas Points for an economy return ticket you'll get there for only $150 in airline charges and taxes. Qantas is typically better with more points seats allocated for the route. Most flight searches we ran for points bookings show okay-ish availability on Qantas. 

Business class on Qantas or their codeshare partner American Airlines will set you back 96,000 Qantas Points or 80,000 AAdvantage Miles if you can get your hands on those.

3. Santorini from 123,000 points

Santorini, Greece
The perfect place for the Instagram shot
  • 123,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer Points
  • Sydney (SYD) — Athens (ATH)
  • 1 adult | economy | return
  • $300 approx on airline charges and taxes
  • Qatar (codeshare partner of Qantas)

Is there anything better than enjoying souvlaki under the Greek sunshine? Answer: no. Athens and Santorini typically are the spots most Aussies flock to first, followed by Mykonos and Rhodes. Whether you're sailing the Greek islands or exploring the rich history of Athens, flying into the capital is the best (and most convenient) way to kickstart your trip. Flying economy from Sydney to Athens with Qantas regularly costs between $900 - $2000 so why not use points instead?

Once in Greece, there are more than 20 flights per day from Athens to Santorini in the summer months. Airfare for Athens to Santorini flights will cost between $40 and $175 and flying time from Athens to Santorini is 45 minutes. There are more than 4 ferries per day from Athens to Santorini in the summer months. Fares for Athens to Santorini ferries cost from 20€ to 76€ and the journey takes between 5 and 8 hours. 

4. New York from 110,400 points

Visit the Statue of Liberty looking back to One World Trade Center in Manhattan
Visit the Statue of Liberty looking back to One World Trade Center in Manhattan
  • Sydney (SYD) — New York (JFK)
  • 1 adult | economy | return
  • 110,400 Qantas Frequent Flyer Points
  • $340 approx airline charges and taxes
  • Qantas and their codeshare partners

It's arguably one of Uncle Sam's most vibrant cities; which is probably why Aussies can't get enough of New York. From bagels in Brooklyn, Broadway's best musicals to more foodie spots than you can shake a stick at – you won't be hard pressed to enjoy a trip to the Big Apple. 

Due to the distance, flying directly to New York on a Qantas or American Airlines plane isn't an option. So you'll be stopping in Los Angeles, San Francisco or Dallas. A new stop off hub in Chicago is on the way for 2020. An amazing way to do it would be to stop in Hawaii which, as the crow flies, is almost equidistant Sydney to New York. The Qantas booking system might try to send you round the other way, via Dubai.

5. London from 110,400 points

London with Big Ben in the background
  • Sydney (SYD) — London (LHR)
  • 1 adult | economy | return
  • 110,400 Qantas Frequent Flyer Points
  • $500 approx airline charges and taxes
  • Qantas and their codeshare partners

Welcome to London. Home to Her Majesty, Three Lions on a shirt, Harrods, afternoon tea and some of the world's best museums – it's a city full of bucket-list attractions and ticking them off your list isn't as difficult as you'd think. Unfortunately, the current exchange rate doesn't favour the Aussie Dollar meaning more Aussies will nab points seats in an effort to cut costs. Get in quick and you'll have a little more cash to spend in London.

Arguably one of the most sought after routes, getting return seats to London with only one stopover and an average layover time is no easy feat. Well, unless you book far in advance. That being said, if you're happy with multiple stopovers, it's a great opportunity to enjoy a quick trip to somewhere like Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, Shanghai, or even Tokyo.

6. Paris from 130,000 points

Above Paris
Above the city of Paris
  • Sydney (SYD) — Paris (CDG)
  • 1 adult | economy | return
  • 130,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer Points
  • $680 approx airline charges and taxes
  • Qantas and their codeshare partners

Bienvenue en France! Exploring the melting pot of bistros, boulevards and art of Paris makes most Aussie to-do lists. This route takes you bang into the centre of mainland Europe making it a great choice for anyone connecting to other major European cities via low-cost carriers. Between you and me, French coffee is average at best. But the croissants? Now we're in business.

With plenty of codeshare partners to choose from, you can fly to Paris via a variety of vibrant cities. From London to Tokyo and even Shanghai – there are plenty of stopover options if you'd like to turn your trip into a multi-city holiday.

7. Hong Kong from 50,400 points

Hong Kong harbour
  • Sydney (SYD) — Hong Kong (HKG)
  • 1 adult | economy | return
  • 50,400 Qantas Frequent Flyer Points
  • $85 appox airline charges and taxes
  • Qantas and their codeshare partners

The New York City of the East, Hong Kong is Asia's answer to the city that never sleeps. Hong Kong really does have it all, from a vibrant cultural life, to an entertainment scene that is tough to beat. For those of you looking for something unique, yet not so off the beaten path, Hong Kong is home to the world's highest bar, the Ritz Carlton's, Ozone Bar, which sits 484 metres above sea level, on the 118th floor of the hotel, and it offers quite the view. Further to this, Hong Kong has a vibrant and exciting food scene, and offers what could arguably be the best dim sum in the world, but more than anything else, Hong Kong is a place to shop. There are very few places in the world that offer the shopping experiences available in Hong Kong.

But, for those of you not so impressed by the hustle and bustle of the city, there are plenty of escapes on offer in Hong Kong. You might like to go for a cruise on a Junk boat, or head just out of the city on a spectacular hike. No matter what tourist personality type you are, Hong Kong is a global city that will definitely impress.

Paying for a return economy airfare to Hong Kong costs between $1,000 - $1,700, so for less than 60,000 points plus taxes, booking a points flight to Hong Kong is a good option. Points seats are regularly available on Qantas and codeshare partner flights.

If you want to add just a little more quality to your Hong Kong visit, Qantas offers an upgraded return flight, with return seats from Sydney to Hong Kong in premium economy for 90,000 points return, and as these seats are usually cost between $1,800- $2,000, paying with points would be good value.

8. Singapore from 50,400 points

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore
Singapore's amazing Gardens by the Bay with the Marina Bay Sands Hotel providing the backdrop.
  • Sydney (SYD) — Singapore (SIN)
  • 1 adult | economy | return
  • 50,400 Qantas Frequent Flyer Points
  • $250 approx airline charges and taxes
  • Qantas and their codeshare partners

The ultimate stop over city. Changi airport is the best in the world. And Singapore is an amazing place. Marina Bay Sands or MBS as the locals call it which dominates Singapore's entire Bayfront area offers a glimpse into the future of architecture, and opens endless possibilities as to what buildings can look like. But, Singapore has so much more to offer than just buildings and shopping. It is a city filled with adventure, and there are so many family-friendly activities, including the Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Zoo, Sentosa Island, Universal Studios Singapore and multiple parks so the kids will love it too.

For less than 60,000 Qantas frequent flyer points plus some charges and taxes you have to visit Singapore especially when the weather cools in the Australian winter. With the big Qantas program overhaul announced in 2019 we expect points seat availability to get better since Singapore is once again a major Qantas hub airport.

9. Santiago from 83,800 points

Santiago with the Andes Mountains towering behind
  • Sydney (SYD) — Santiago (SCL)
  • 1 adult | economy | return
  • 83,800 Qantas Frequent Flyer Points
  • $349 approx airline charges and taxes
  • Qantas and their codeshare partners

Surprisingly vibrant, Santiago is a bustling city tucked away in a valley surrounded by the Andean foothills. If there's one thing you should know, it's this: Santiago is one of the few places in the world where you can ski in the Andes, then stroll on the beach and surf in the Pacific Ocean, all in the same day. Plus, a good bottle of Chilean Malbec can give an Aussie red a run for its money. But don't take it from us, you've gotta taste it to believe it.

Santiago is also your best gateway city to all of South America. Once there, it's just a short flight over the Andes Mountains to Mendoza, Argentina the home of some of the world's best Malbec wines. Or take a longer flight to Buenos Aires in Argentina or Rio de Janeiro over in Brazil. Or fly westward back across the Pacific Ocean to Easter Island. Christelle did the flight review of SCL to IPC Easter Island flying on LATAM earlier in 2019.

The best value offer for comfort is to book a flight on points from Sydney to Santiago on Qantas (QF28 business class review) or codeshare partner LATAM. For less than 90,000 points plus taxes, your points can take you there in an economy seat. Booking a business class seat is like a competitive game of Where's Wally! You'll need to book far in advance to claim your rewards seat before everyone else.

10. Hawaii from 63,000 points

Waikiki Beach in Hawaii

  • Sydney (SYD) — Honolulu (HNL)
  • 1 adult | economy | return
  • 63,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer Points
  • $297 approx airline charges and taxes
  • Qantas and their codeshare partners

Set among islands and seamounts, Hawaii's eight islands are a unique blend of Polynesian and American culture. Think sprawling views, crystal-clear water, and lush rainforests. Whether you're swimming with turtles or enjoying the aloha way of life – flower shirts aren't required.

Qantas and mostly codeshare partner Jetstar run the route to the island paradise. Try to book ahead of time, and if possible try to book in the offseason, to ensure you score yourself the best seats possible. Availability of points seats can be really difficult. It is a popular route.

Normally economy seats cost between $600 - $1,100, while business class seats go for anywhere between $1,100 - $2,200, so why not try to start your holiday as soon as you get onto the plane.

You can create your own itinerary. Have a play on our Points Explorer Map tool.