Do purchases for sign-up bonus affect my 0% balance transfer period?

Ask Miles: Do purchases made for the sign-up bonus affect my 0% balance transfer period?

For the Qantas Premier Platinum card, if I use it for a balance transfer then spend $1,500 each month to get the sign up bonus, will these purchases affect my 0% interest balance transfer period?

Short answer, no.

Slightly longer and justified answer - no. 

Making purchases using your Qantas Premier Platinum card will not affect the 0% interest balance transfer period. As long as you have the credit available and make your minimum monthly payments towards the balance transfer it will remain at 0% interest for the specified period. 

What the additional spend will affect is the interest-free period normally available on purchases. Carrying a balance from month to month (which you are with a balance transfer active) voids this interest-free period. What this means is that interest will be charged on your purchases instantly, so it would be best to pay off any purchases in full as soon as humanly possible to minimise incurring interest payable - especially when you are already carrying an existing debt with the balance transfer.

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