The biggest shopping days of the year (2019)

The biggest shopping days of the year (2019)

Whether you are a shopaholic or just love a bargain, the popularity of online shopping has seen Australia adopt many of the big sale days from around the world. This is good news for the savvy shopper, as you can be ready to take advantage of some great deals. We've put together a list of the biggest shopping days of the year in Australia. Plus, we share some tips and tricks on how to play the sales to your advantage using cash back and credit cards.

Did you know the rise of online shopping has meant November is now bigger than Christmas when it comes to retail shopping? The Australian Financial Review shared that November overtook sales in December for the first time in 2016, and the trend gathered pace in 2017. We see no reason for this trend changing this year.

What’s caused the November shopping love, you might ask? The rise of sales events such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Click Frenzy. Let’s look at the big shopping days in Australia where you can grab a bargain.

Back to School – Mid January

Back to school sales

For most schools around the country, school starts in the last week of January or the beginning of February. Once the hype of Christmas has settled down, parents start to turn their mind to preparing for the return to school.

This means shopping for uniforms, stationery, books and school bags. 

Lots of stores, both online and offline, offer some great back-to-school discounts and promotions. It’s best to keep your eyes out for deals from the main department stores as well as places like Officeworks. Or search 'back to school 2019’ to see which stores you can pick up a bargain at.

Valentine’s Day – 14 February

Valentine's Day

This one is for the lovers out there. It is a romantic day to show the one you love how much you care. Roses and chocolates are always popular, but lots of people are starting to look for something different.

We are starting to see many Valentine’s Day sales pop up in Australia in the lead-up to Valentine’s Day. So keep your eye out for some great deals. 

Mother’s Day – May

Mother's Day

Held on the second Sunday in May each year in Australia, flowers remain the go-to gift to show the mums in your life that you care. But retailers are following the trend and are starting to offer some great deals on women's products in the lead up to the big day. So it’s worth keeping an eye out to grab a bargain.

End of Financial Year sales – June

You’d be hard pressed to find someone that hasn’t heard the marketing term “Happy EOFYs” come June each year.

End of Financial Year sales have grown in recent times, with lots of savvy shoppers out to grab a bargain on appliances, clothing, furniture and homewares.

The best way to get a heads-up on the sales on offer during this time is to sign up to your favourite brand's email newsletters. This is because they often have special discount codes that are not offered to the general public.

Winter sales – June

Winter sales

The third Monday in June has traditionally signalled the start of the winter sales period here in Australia. 

The large department stores, like Myer and David Jones, take the lead in promoting their sales both online and in-store, with other retailers following their lead.  

The Winter Sales usually last until the final week of August.

Amazon Prime Day – July

Amazon Prime Day 2018

Amazon Prime Day was created in the US, with the main aim of taking the reins from Black Friday as the biggest buying day of the year.

With the launch of the dedicated Amazon Australia website, Amazon Prime customers in Australia were able to participate in the buying frenzy this year in July 2018. With plenty of deals to be had, the sale lasted 36 hours and included free delivery on a range of items. 

We’re sure the popular event will return bigger and better in 2019, as Amazon’s product range here in Australia continues to improve.

Father’s Day – September

Father's Day

Held on the first Sunday in September, it’s always a busy time for retail stores as shoppers are looking for a unique gift or experience that dad will love.

Special offers on men’s products are dominant around this time and you can often pick up some fabulous bargains.

Singles Day – 11 November

Singles day

Singles Day originated in China and is held each year on November 11. It started as an anti-Valentine’s Day for singles, where people that were single would buy gifts for their other single friends.

With a marketing boost from online giant Alibaba it’s now grown to be one of the biggest shopping days, with many overseas retailers jumping on the bandwagon.

While it’s not so much a day where Aussie shoppers pick up huge bargains, it’s one we are keeping our eye on.

What is happening, though, is that Australian retailers are capitalising on sales into China on this day. Australia is now sitting in third place behind the USA and Japan for selling the most products into the Chinese market. 

Chemist Warehouse raked in a cool $21 million on products sold in less than three minutes last year!

Click Frenzy – November

Click Frenzy November

Click Frenzy was started as the Australian equivalent of the Black Friday sales. It is an online 24-hour mega sale that is normally held on the third Tuesday of November. It started out back in 2012 and got off to a rocky start, with the website crashing almost immediately when the first sales event went live. The result was many disappointed shoppers.

With some experience behind them, Click Frenzy's sales have grown, and they now have a number of sale events throughout the year. It’s an online-only shopping event with many deals from top brands such as Myer, Bonds and Cotton On offering up to 50% off for a 24-hour period.

Click Frenzy Travel is coming up next, on 26 February 2019, with Click Frenzy Mayhem locked in for 14 May 2019.

This will be followed by the Sale That Stops a Nation (or stops the internet when recalling the original launch back in 2012), held each year on the second Tuesday of November.

It’s best to register for the events in advance by visiting the Click Frenzy website. This way you’ll get early access to sales and the full details of which retailers are participating. Prep your shopping list in advance and be ready to shop up a storm when the sale goes live.

Amex Shop Small – November

American Express Shop Small Day

Local small businesses are at the heart of our community and economy. The Amex Shop Small campaign, which runs through November, is all about encouraging shoppers to support small businesses in their local area.

You can check out the Shop Small map to see which businesses near you are a part of the campaign.

Amex Credit Card Members who spend $20 or more at a participating small business receive a $10 credit on their account, making it a win for small business, and a win for you.

You just need to make sure you register your card to be eligible. You can learn more by visiting the Shop Small website.

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Black Friday – 29 November 2019

Black Friday sales

Black Friday is an American tradition observed each year on the Friday after Thanksgiving, marking the start of the Christmas shopping season. With the growth of online shopping around the world, it’s no surprise that in the past few years Aussie retailers have been jumping on board with their own Black Friday deals.

Since it's now one of the busiest shopping periods in Australia, it’s safe to say the tradition is here to stay down under.

US-based stores operating in Australia, such as Apple, Amazon and Bloomingdales, have been a driving force in bringing Black Friday to Australia, with Aussie retailers now also involved both online and in-store. It's one of the biggest bargain-hunting days on the shopping calendar.

Fashion and electronics are always the most popular choice when it comes to Aussie shoppers grabbing a bargain.

Lots of stores start their Black Friday deals early, so our handy hint is to check out your favourite sites early to see if their Black Friday deals have begun so you can get in before the rush.

Cyber Monday – 2 December 2019

Cyber Monday sales

Like Black Friday, Cyber Monday originated in the USA and is held on the Monday following Thanksgiving. While Black Friday dates back to the 1960’s, Cyber Monday was introduced in America when online stores noticed increase traffic to their websites on this day.

Most people were going online to redeem vouchers and coupons or looking for bargains without the crowd that is associated with Black Friday. So the online stores responded by offering special sales on this day, and Cyber Monday was born.

Australian retailers are jumping on board this sales day, and many US-based online stores offer to ship to Australia. But given the time difference, it's really Cyber Tuesday for us here if we want to take advantages of deals from US stores.

Cyber Monday, as the name suggests, is the time for holiday shoppers to make big savings online, so clothing and accessories are always in hot demand, as well as software and technology.

Since 2005, when Cyber Monday was believed to have started, the world of online shopping has changed dramatically. So the two sales have almost merged into one for a lot of retailers, with bargains to be had from Friday through to Monday.

Green Monday – second Monday in December

Green Monday

For last-minute Christmas shoppers who go in-store to a bricks-and-mortar shop, the busiest day of the year tends to the last Saturday before Christmas.

But for last-minute shoppers who prefer to do their shopping online, Green Monday is one of the busiest shopping days of the year in Australia. While Cyber Monday tends to kick off the shopping season, Green Monday is when all the last-minute online shoppers are making sure they get their orders in before the Christmas delivery cut off.

Free Shipping Day – 15 December

Free shipping

Free shipping—two words that bring a smile to every online shopper around the country. Now, this is a day you want to remember.

Generally, it is the last day you can make an online order to guarantee delivery before Christmas. Of course, there are exceptions, such as courier or express delivery options, but this date is the safe cut-off point to ensure you have smiling faces on Christmas morning.

As the name suggests, many online retail stores offer free shipping on this date, which is always a bonus.

Boxing Day sales – 26 December

Boxing Day sales

In years gone by the Boxing Day sales were exclusive to large department stores in capital cities. They would open on this day with many great bargains to be had.

But with the soaring popularity of online shopping, Boxing Day sales as we know them have changed forever. Nurse your Christmas Day food hangover and do a spot of shopping from the comfort of your own lounge room.

Lots of retailers have jumped on board by offering Boxing Day special offers on their website, with these deals usually running into the new year.

How to make shopping sales days work harder for you

You’ve got an idea of the dates to mark in your calendar to score some bargains. But there are a few more things you can do to ensure you get maximum savings when these big shopping days crop up.

If you haven't already discovered how you can earn cash back on your online purchases than you are in for a treat. Not only can you buy discounted products on your favourite sites, you can earn cash back on every purchase you make as well.

If you sign up for free to Cash Rewards or Shop Back you can double dip on the savings. Take advantage of a discount from the retailer, as well as getting money back into your bank account from Cashrewards each time you buy. How good is that?

Pay online with your rewards credit card and you’ll earn points at the same time, making it a trifecta of a win!

What to watch out for

Now, of course, we love a shopping spree as much as anyone, but as always, something is only a bargain if you need it.

When taking advantage of these shopping deals, it’s always good to have a shopping list in mind for what you are looking to purchase. And do your best to stick to the list.

We know how easy it is to fall into an online shopping temptation, making the real winners the retailers. But with some smarts, you can come out ahead, saving your hard-earned cash and getting bargains on only the things you need.