The ultimate Click Frenzy Travel guide - August 2019

The ultimate Click Frenzy Travel guide - August 2019

  • Click Frenzy Travel is your opportunity to make huge savings on your next holiday.
  • Pick up some tips on how to score the best deal.
  • Short of travel ideas? We’ve got plenty.

Maybe you’re one of those super-organised discount travellers who was alert and in position over their keyboard when Click Frenzy Travel rolled around in February. In which case you have your next holiday sorted, and it’s now time to plan the one after that. 

Or perhaps you’re still feeling the regret of missing out on Click Frenzy Travel last time it happened? This will be your chance to redeem yourself and demonstrate your travel smarts by scoring a great deal in Click Frenzy Travel August.

And for those who don’t fall into either category and are wondering what all the fuss is about . . .

Click Frenzy Travel 2019 announcement
Click Frenzy

What exactly is Click Frenzy Travel?

Let’s just take a step back here, because Click Frenzy Travel is just one facet of an online retail phenomenon. The real question is “What is Click Frenzy?”

It’s the online sale-that-stops-a-nation in November every year, with a repeat offering in May called Click Frenzy Mayhem. Click Frenzy was conceived in 2012 as Australia’s answer to Cyber Monday in the US, and has been growing in popularity ever since. Participants look forward to limited-number ‘Go nuts’ deals at unbelievably low prices (like a TV for $10) plus sitewide discounts from big-name retailers for just one day.

An online sale specialising in travel deals was then added to the mix in 2016, now featuring twice a year in February and August. The next event will be Click Frenzy Travel August 2019, running from 7pm on Tuesday 20th August until midnight on Wednesday 21st August. More than a million Aussies typically take this opportunity to book a cheap holiday.

The timing is perfect, because the best way to beat the winter blues is to book a summer holiday – or a winter escape to warmer climes.

Put Click Frenzy Travel August on your shopping calendar

Seasonal deals and special shopping days are becoming a fixture in the eCommerce landscape, and savvy shoppers set up an online shopping calendar to remind them of what’s coming up. No one wants to miss a potential bargain. 

Thanks to the internet, Australians can participate in Black Friday and Cyber Monday almost as easily as US residents, especially with Australian retailers keen to get in on the act. So retail muscles are nicely primed by the time Christmas shopping and Boxing Day come along, and that’s just the start, with lots of shopping events to remember throughout the year.

Click Frenzy Travel 2019
Click Frenzy

What kind of crazy travel deals to expect this year

You can anticipate being able to save hundreds of dollars on flights, hotels, tours, holiday packages and travel accessories during Click Frenzy Travel. Previous deals have included:

  • Up to 50% off Virgin Australia flights

  • Up to 20% off Contiki tours

  • Webjet overseas flight and 8 nights’ accommodation for $699 

  • 50% off 3-day Dreamworld tickets

  • 9-day China tours with flights for $777

  • 10% off Qatar Airways flights

There’s a long list of other brands who have participated in the past – 28 Degrees, Accor Hotels, Air New Zealand,, Flight Centre, Flybuys Travel, InsureAndGo, Meriton Suites and Travelodge Hotels, to name just a few – who may be there with new offers. At the same time, other travel companies – not associated with Click Frenzy – may have their own competing deals, so it’s worth checking everywhere online while Click Frenzy Travel is happening.

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Tips and tricks to make the most of Click Frenzy Travel

  • Members get the best deals. Register as a subscriber at the Click Frenzy website to get early access to the event, and special member-only deals and competitions. (Past prizes include a holiday, 100,000 flybuys points and TravelMoneyOz currency passes.)
  • Get your travel wishlist and budget – and dates that are possible for you – ready in advance, so that when a limited-numbers deal comes up you’ll be one of the first to make a quick decision before it gets sold out.
  • Be already poised over your keyboard or phone at 6.30pm AEST on Tuesday 20th August. This early access is for subscribers only – everyone else has to wait until 7pm. The event runs for 29 hours, and concludes at midnight on Wednesday 21st August. 
  • Pop-up banners may appear, with crazy special deals. Turn off your ad blocker to make sure you can see them.
  • Refresh the page regularly so you don’t miss the latest offers.
  • Keep checking participating travel sites for up to three days after the event, since many continue the deals on their own site.
  • The discount and cashback site, ShopBack, is Click Frenzy’s official events partner and may have its own tie-in specials on 20th and 21st August. So consider signing up to Shopback as well to get cashback, and double-dip on credit card rewards.
  • You may want to put your preferred Mastercard or Visa payment details in your browser’s autofill, to speed up the purchase process and grab deals while they’re available.
  • As well as securing a bargain, you could also earn rewards points if you pay with a credit card that gives you rewards points on your shopping.

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If you need some travel inspiration, try these ideas

Click Frenzy Travel gives you the ideal opportunity to plan the trip of a lifetime to places you’ve always dreamed of visiting. Why not turn it into a party? Get together with family and friends and organise a trip that you can all enjoy. At these prices, you could maybe even afford to fly Business Class. 

If you’re looking for a new credit card, Click Frenzy Travel could be a good way to meet the spending target required for earning huge numbers of bonus points with a new card. Check out these first-purchase bonus rewards points offers.

We’ve also got some great ideas on the best ways to spend those bonus points on travel, to get you in the mood for Click Frenzy Travel and seeing the world.