Credit Card Compare is becoming Finty

Credit Card Compare is becoming

Credit Card Compare is becoming Everything you've come to expect from us remains the same but we're about to do so much more for you. You'll have the same account when migration is complete. It'll be run by the same people. But you'll have more products to compare. There's no need to action anything right now. Here’s what you need to know.

Credit Card Compare is becoming
Credit Card Compare is becoming

Same account

When the migration to is complete your Credit Card Compare account used for comparison, the free credit score service and Credit Health app will be unchanged and as secure as ever. There won't be a need to change your username or password. Until we become Finty you can continue to use everything on Credit Card Compare.

Same people

We’re still owned and operated by the same expert team who run Credit Card Compare. We'll be standing by, ready to help you.

Compare more things

You can continue to compare credit cards on Finty plus shop around for home loans, personal loans and more.

What is Finty?

Finty is an innovative comparison and rewards site that started out life in Singapore, and will now also serve Australians. Founded in 2016, the “Finty” name means finance multiplied - something we could all benefit from. The green brand colour of Finty is synonymous with money. Finty was acquired by Credit Card Compare in 2018 and is Australian owned and operated.

Why we're changing our name

We have loved serving you as Credit Card Compare over the past 12 years, and changing our name feels like moving out of the family home. But since we acquired Finty in 2018 we’ve been preparing to offer you more options across cards, personal loans, mortgages, and beyond. Taking on the Finty name reflects who we are today: a company that gives you the best offers, education, apps and tools you need to save money and earn rewards.

What this means for you

We’ve been working harder than ever to get Finty and the Credit Health app ready to provide comparisons across more financial products. Over the past few years Credit Card Compare has helped 10,000’s of people apply for new credit cards, get their credit score for free, and literally earn BILLIONS of points with Qantas, Velocity, Amex and other programs. Stick with us for more exciting developments later this year.

The site is getting better

We listened to what our members wanted us to do: offer more than just credit cards. The site will be even better than Credit Card Compare, but with a new name and logo. The Credit Health app will become powered by Finty.

Where to find your credit score

Same place as always! Once migration is complete, when you visit our new site or use the Credit Health app you’ll see your credit score in your dashboard. Your score will continue to update every month as normal. You can also check your repayment history across any cards, mortgages, personal loans and leases you have open, plus look for new cards and loans that you can match to your credit score profile.

How to find out more

We’re here to answer any questions you might have — get in touch via email on or contact us on Finty. Either way, we’d love to hear from you.