Cyber Monday Sales in Australia | Your go-to guide for 2019

Cyber Monday Sales in Australia | Your go-to guide for 2019

  • Cyber Monday takes place on the Monday following American Thanksgiving.
  • As the popularity of online shopping grows, Cyber Monday has been embraced by more Australian sellers and customers.
  • This year is set to be Australia’s biggest Cyber Monday yet, with massive deals coming from Amazon, Apple, and more brands, big and small.

If you’ve not heard of Cyber Monday before, we forgive you for thinking it’s the title of a futuristic 80s movie. 

This relatively new shopping phenomenon is a novel concept for many Australians, but if you’re an online bargain hunter it’s about to become your favourite day of the year.

Cyber Monday is all about online sales. Taking place around a month before Christmas, it’s a great time to get all your holiday shopping done for an absolute steal.

So what is Cyber Monday and how can you take advantage of the awesome deals coming your way?

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What is Cyber Monday?

It all starts with Black Friday, and we’ve covered already how that ties in with American Thanksgiving. The Friday after our Americans friends have stuffed themselves with turkey, stores open their doors and drop their prices in a big way. 

The Black Friday sales started all the way back in the 1950s and the deals have become bigger and better every year. As the years went by and the internet and eCommerce grew, retailers decided to take advantage of both the online shopping movement and the Black Friday hype.

Cyber Monday was born.

Starting in 2005, every Monday after Thanksgiving the online sales rolled out. With more and more shoppers choosing to shop online, Cyber Monday is quickly building up speed and becoming one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

All the sales, none of the turkey

Here in Australia we don’t celebrate the delicious turkey and stuffing fest that is Thanksgiving, but that hasn’t stopped us from taking our share of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. 

Though it has taken us a little longer than our American buddies to get into the swing of things, more Aussie retailers have been dropping their prices on Black Friday every year.

Once Cyber Monday rolled around, we Aussies were ready to pounce on the opportunity to save more and bump up sales. Since then the entire Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend has turned into a massive four-day-discount-frenzy for in-store and online shoppers alike.

This year Cyber Monday falls on December 2nd 2019, the same day as the US. Keep in mind that date is only for Australian retailers. If you’re doing your shopping on American websites the sales will take place on Tuesday the 3rd of December because of the time difference. Check out this calendar for more details on the many Cyber Mondays to come.

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Online shopping has taken over

The reason Australia got on the Black Friday bandwagon is because of the rise of online shopping. US retailers decided at some point to offer their online deals to us Aussies and see if we would bite. 

And bite we did.

While browsing and window shopping still holds a place close to the hearts of many shopping fiends, the reality is that most people in Australia are going online to shop. As many as eight out of ten Australian shoppers have shopped online, as found in this Australian eCommerce report

The online shopping movement isn’t slowing down either. Each year more shoppers make the switch to shopping from the comfort of their own home, and who can blame them? Being able to get all your Christmas shopping done in tracky dacks on the couch with a glass of wine makes for a much more relaxing shopping experience than wandering around a shopping centre all day. 

This love for the ease and comfort of online shopping is what makes Cyber Monday such a success. You can have all the best sales at your fingertips without searching for a carpark, queuing at the checkout, or running into old acquaintances from high school you would rather avoid.

Give us the deals

Itching to know exactly what you can save on this Cyber Monday? Well, we have good news and bad news. 

The bad news is that there is no exact science to predicting exactly what this year’s sales will look like until the retailers start to promote their prices. The good news is that history has given us some pretty reliable patterns to follow, and thanks to Cyber Monday being bigger than ever, there is every reason to believe that the savings will be bigger too.

Here are some predictions from TechRadar based on previous sales and teasers for Cyber Monday:

  • Amazon always dishes out the deals on Cyber Monday, and this year is expected to be no different. Following their Amazon Australia debut in 2018, you can reasonably expect they’ll go above and beyond this year.

  • Apple and Nintendo will likely discount all new products, so if you have had your eye on a Switch or iPhone we recommend holding out.

  • Generally, tech stores go all out for Cyber Monday, so if you’re in the market for a laptop or a home theatre system keep an eye out for savings from stores like JB HiFi and the like.

  • eBay and smaller chains such as Etsy are rumoured to be getting in on the Cyber Monday action this year.

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That’s it?

Not in the slightest! 

While we may not have exact prices for this year’s sales, what we do have is last year’s discounts. Though this Cyber Monday won’t be exactly the same, having a look at last year’s numbers will give you a feel for what could be out there this year. 

Here are some of the best deals that were on offer on Cyber Monday in 2018:

  • Booktopia took 25% off all bestselling books.

  • You could save 50% on your next holiday by booking your hotel with Expedia.

  • Appliances Online offered up to $1300 off on selected appliances.

  • Catch put deals on their deals, taking as much as 90% off original prices.

  • You could save 25% by shopping online at Amart Furniture.

  • Microsoft had a massive clearance, knocking up to $1400 off of selected desktops.

  • Dell slashed up to 40% off their laptops, desktops, and monitors.

  • Cellarmasters took 55% off wine, glorious wine.

  • T2 had you sipping their infused goodness for up to 60% off.

  • Sunglass Hut took 50% off their prices on selected styles.

  • Cotton On and ASOS both offered up to 70% off a massive range of items.

  • Crazysales really went for it with 99% off a bunch of items.

There were, of course, plenty more. Check out this rundown for more of 2018’s best deals.

The surest way to make sure you get your hands on the best deals available is to sign up for the newsletters of your favourite stores. As Cyber Monday creeps closer they will start to reveal what they have in store, and might even offer further discounts to those on their email list.

Are cashback credit cards compatible with Cyber Monday sales?

Here at Credit Card Compare we’re all about getting you as many savings as possible and we’re a big supporter of cashback credit cards for that very reason.

Just because you’re already getting great deals with the Cyber Monday sales, doesn’t mean you can’t double down and rake in twice the benefits. 

For those of you who don’t have a cashback credit card already, here is a brief explanation. While your run-of-the-mill credit card will reward you with points, cashback credit cards reward you with cash back in your account. 

There is a range of cashback credit cards to choose from. By getting yourself a straightforward cashback credit card you will be paid back a fixed rate percentage – which could be as high as 10% – on all of your purchases made with that card. The cashback deal usually lasts for a limited time after your card application is approved – e.g. three months –  although with the ING Direct Orange One Platinum Credit Card there’s a permanent 1% cashback on spending.

Other cashback cards may offer a fixed cashback amount for reaching a spending target, for example $200 cashback for spending $4,000 in the first three months.

If you’re planning on spending up a storm this Cyber Monday, you still have a few weeks to get a cashback credit card and earn as you buy.

Picking up packages

More cashback goodness

Cashback websites might also offer additional bonuses. The best way to ensure you don’t miss out is to enable a cashback tracker to track your browsing. It will automatically let you know if the website you are on offers a cashback deal on any offers. 

Keep in mind that there are usually some restrictions to cashback deals during these massive sales, so keep an eye out for retailers that will let you get double the savings.

Go forth and shop

Now that you have your guide to the Cyber Monday sales you are ready to go forth and shop to your heart’s content. Before you do, we have a few parting tips to make sure you get the most out of your Cyber Monday shopping. 

As we’ve said before, sign up for the newsletters of your favourite stores so that you’ll be aware of their sales before the big day. 

Consider spending with a cashback or high rewards credit card to make the most of your shopping experience.

Make a shopping list and seek out those items so that you don’t fall victim to the neverending browse that will leave you exhausted and over-budget.

That’s all there is! Prepare your clicking fingers, because this Cyber Monday is bound to be Australia’s biggest yet.