What travel style suits your personality? Take our quiz and find out

What type of traveller are you? [Quiz]

  • In 2012, the World Tourism Organization announced there are one billion tourists travelling the world per year. That’s a lot of people jetting around the planet at the same time.
  • The sheer size of the global population provides plenty of scope for diversity, but travelling remains one of the best ways to learn about our differences. Travel is often rewarding and can be life-changing, which is why so many of us choose to spend a large chunk of our income on exploring when we can.
  • And with increasing tourist numbers comes an increasing opportunity. Travel deals are never far around the corner, and there’s always something to suit every budget and style. Read on to discover more about your travel style.

No matter where you decide to spend your holidays or who you go with, travel can be one of the most rewarding things in life. Whether your plan is to escape the rat race to recharge your batteries, spend quality time with your family and friends, or indulge in new cultures and languages, travel changes you. It gives you a whole new perspective on life. And as you get older your travel style changes, too.

You may start off as a gap-year backpacker, content with 10 to a dorm room and just a ceiling fan to waft away the whiff. Or maybe you’ve hit the middle-age years and only air con and a comfy bed will suffice.

Are you a culture vulture who likes visiting art museums and can’t get enough of churches? Maybe you’re a wildlife lover who is determined to see the Big 5 on every continent? Or a beach bum who thinks the only way to have a holiday is to be served cocktails on the sand after a day’s sunbathing? That doesn’t sound so bad.

So what type of traveller are you? Take our travel quiz to find your style.

Wherever you go, and however you travel, a good credit card can be your best friend in an emergency, a way to avoid buying local currency when you’re just passing through, and a key to unlock the delights of an unmissable experience you forgot to budget for.