Do banks accept carer’s pension as income?

Ask Miles: Do banks accept carer’s pension as income?

I’m on a carer’s pension and I’m finding it hard to get a credit card. What banks will accept my income if I apply?


When you apply for a credit card as someone on a carer’s pension you'll still need to meet specific eligibility requirements for that card just the same as everyone else.

However, the approval process might be a little more complicated than it is for someone with a regular salary.

You will still need to prove your income. Since you might be receiving pay slips or some other form of documentation proving your income, you may be asked to upload a copy of your Centrelink Benefit statement.

Keep in mind that the bank will consider your credit score as part of the decision process. This is something they do with any credit card application in order to verify your credit worthiness.

To improve the likelihood of being approved, your credit score should be average or higher so as to reduce your risk profile. If you have not done so already, you can easily check your credit score right here on our site using our free credit score service.

It's a good idea to monitor your credit score and be aware of it before you apply for any credit card or loan.

The following list of banks have declared that they accept carer’s pensions as a source of income for credit card applications. However, there are other things you must consider before applying, most notably the minimum taxable income required. Another thing that may work in your favour is applying for a card with a bank you already deal with, for example with your home loan or savings, since you are not entirely unknown to them.

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