Flight Review: Emirates EK433 Business Class 777-300ER BNE - SIN

Flight review: Emirates excellence from Brisbane to Singapore

Oh Emirates, you had me at 'Hello'. From the Brisbane Emirates Lounge that excels at everything to the onboard experience that I couldn’t fault.  Emirates you truly won me over, said Leonardo Gallardo, one of our developers here at Credit Card Compare.

Discover what he loved so much about his recent Emirates experience from Brisbane to Singapore.

My rating

4.75 out of 5
  • Amenities & IFE
  • Cabin & seat
  • Food & drink
  • Service

The details

Airline: Emirates
Route: Brisbane, Australia departing 2:35 am to Singapore, Singapore arriving 8:10 am
When: 16 November 2017
Cost: 60,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer points
Aircraft: Boeing 777
Class: Business
Seat number: 7K
Overnight flight: Yes
Meal included: Yes 
Amenity kit provided:  Yes 
Pyjamas provided: Yes
In-flight wifi: Yes, Wifi is provided for free up to 150mb for First and Business Class
Duration: 7 hours 35 minutes
Baggage: 2 x 7kg pieces for carry on. Up to 10 pieces of baggage to a total of 40kg. Depending on your tier this could go up to 60kgs.  
Meal provided: Yes (breakfast)

Emirates Business Class
Leonardo Gallardo, Developer and Business Class lover
Emirates business class seat
A well sized screen for a long flight
Emirates Business Class seats
These seats offered plenty of room, adding an extra level of comfort

Making the booking

Even though it was an Emirates flight the booking was made on the Qantas website, since we used Qantas Frequent Flyer points to secure a Classic rewards ticket.

It’s no secret to regular travellers that the Qantas site can be pretty buggy and likes to throw up a lot of errors just before confirming a rewards booking. However, in this instance I got lucky and it was a straightforward booking process.

For this trip, I booked more than 40 days in advance so there were plenty of seats left. I know Classic Rewards seats are hard to find for connecting flights, so my tip would be to book as far in advance as you can.

The Emirates Lounge excels at everything

Emirates lounge Brisbane Airport
The Emirates lounge at Brisbane Airport

My flight was a late one so the lounge was mostly empty, which allowed me to take in just what a wonderful space has been created here. It’s well and truly one of the best lounges that I’ve been to so far. It’s not as if I’ve been to thousands of lounges to compare, but I’ve been to quite a few.

This one truly excels at everything. Food, beverages, facilities—they do it all well.

Hot food, cold food, fresh food. Take your pick. The selection is amazing. From salmon sashimis, ricotta cannelloni and chicken satay to sandwiches or fresh fruit (the pineapple slices were my fave) you won’t have to look too far to find something that takes your fancy. My personal favourite was the delicious macadamia nuts. I could have eaten them all night.

Emirates Lounge buffet
The buffet had a wide variety of amazing foods on offer
Emirates lounge Brisbane airport food
The food was photogenic as well as tasty!

Taking the lounge from great to awesome is the bar selection that certainly doesn’t disappoint. Choose from a large variety of beers, soft drinks, juices and wines. If you feel adventurous, try the Stonier Pinot Noir: delicious, I must say. They also have Möet Champagne if you like the glam bubbles.

For the classics, you can choose from Jack Daniel’s, Baileys, Bombay, Chivas, Cointreau or Bundaberg. Or, if you are feeling like a nightcap, you’ll find Hennessy VSOP, Drambuie or even a very nice dark Captain Morgan if you’re into Cuba Libres.

In terms of the amenities, they also did not disappoint. Beautiful. Huge. Clean. I had to try those showers and they were right up there with what you’d find at a luxury hotel. Did I say huge already?

There are lots of opportunities to relax pre-flight, with a big selection of magazines to pick from and a TV area with very comfortable seats and couches. So comfy, in fact, it was where I found a lot of people sleeping while they waited for their late-night flight.

Emirates lounge bar
The bar selection was truly first class
Emirates lounge Brisbane Aiport
The seats were so comfortable that everyone fell asleep in them!

Time to board

The boarding process could not be faulted, with the usual dedicated line for Business Class passengers. But somehow, simply because it was Emirates, it just felt better. Seriously, the service and smiles you receive from the staff and even the flight crew are hard to beat.

This was the first flight where I have seen First Class because everyone boards through the same door. First and Business Class are found on the left as you board the plane and Premium and Economy are to the right of the door. When I boarded First Class was almost empty, with just a couple of seats taken. Business Class was the same—just a few more people, and that was it.

In Business Class, the seats are in a 2-3-2 configuration. Each seat has a fully flat, 72” pitch, with reading lights, in-flight entertainment controls and privacy dividers (that I didn’t use, since no one was sitting next to me).

When I stepped into the cabin I instantly saw the resemblance to luxury cars. Think cars like Rolls Royce and Bentley with their glossy dashboards and interior elements made of real wood and a lot of leather. That’s what you will find in Emirates First and Business Class.

I settled into my seat with a welcoming glass of bubbles. I’ve travelled Qantas, LATAM, Singapore Airlines, British Airlines and Virgin, and these seats were the best and most comfy I’ve had. Emirates you’ve won me over.

Once settled in, it’s hard not to notice the big, big, big screen in front of me. It's the largest I’ve seen in business class at 23”. There is also a tablet to control your in-flight entertainment, making it the perfect entertainment fan's dream. Since it was a night flight I didn’t really explore all that was on offer, but I’d love to do another flight with them during the daytime, letting me take full advantage of the amazing setup. 

Super spoilt by in-flight service and food

Emirates breakfast
An amazing breakfast to start the day

The crew were great, with a caring nature and service with a smile. I was pretty lucky as there were two flight attendants in the Business Class cabin and one of them was Argentinian. I’m Argentinian too, so I think I got a little extra spoiled.

As it was an overnight flight the main meal served on board was breakfast. You can choose either the full or the express version of breakfast. I got the full one, that included bread, butter, fresh fruits and yoghurt, cheese and chive omelette, rostï and vegetables, and coffee. It was a fantastic way to start the day and land in Singapore.

Earlier in the flight, I’d realised I made a bit of a rookie error when it comes to flying overnight in Business Class. There were so many tempting snacks on offer throughout the flight but I didn’t try any of them because I was just too full from what I ate at the lounge. I’ve learned my lesson, so I know for next time to opt for less lounge food, leaving more room for snacks.

The tastebud-tempting snacks included smoked chicken paninis, wagyu beef pies, chicken gyozas and tandoori tofu kebabs. They also offered a sweet snack, a chocolate brownie with chocolate mousse and orange salad.

If you are feeling thirsty there is a great selection available. Cocktails are served throughout the flight, including favourites like a Bloody Mary, Cosmopolitan, Martinis or Mojitos. A selection of beers, wines and classic spirits like Jack Daniel’s, Hennessy XO, an 18-year-old Chivas, and a 15-year-old Glenfiddich are all on offer. My drink of choice? I always go with Baileys. Not the fanciest choice, but in my opinion it’s the yummiest of all.

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Sleep time

Emirates business class seat
I managed to get some shut-eye too

Given it was an overnight flight I was going to make absolutely sure that I made the best use of the comfortable space to get some sleep. Emirates provide you with a seat mattress and the crew will insist on getting it all set up for you, which I found a nice touch. The pillow provided was also really comfortable.

It might seem strange to say it, but one of the things I loved about Emirates was the amenities kit—a Bvlgari bag that contained Bvlgari body lotion, after shave balm and a very nice eau de cologne. It also came with a tissue pack, foldable hairbrush, toothbrush with Colgate toothpaste, Gillette shaving cream and a disposable razor—all you could need really to feel refreshed after a flight.

Arriving in Singapore

Plane window view in Singapore
There is just something dreamy about being amongst the clouds

When we landed in Singapore, my only regret was that the overnight flight seemed so short. I wish I’d been able to fly with them for longer and have dinner or lunch onboard.

Singapore Airport itself is the epitome of organised. Everything is express, with machines that scan your passport and let you through in no time. 

Final verdict

I loved everything about this flight. From the Emirates Lounge to the service provided while in the air. I truly could not fault it. Would I fly with them again? Definitely!

Next time I am going to try and get a flight from a different part of Australia to Singapore, so I can give their A380 a go.