Guide to Amazon Prime Day in Australia 2019

Australia’s guide to Amazon Prime Day 2019

  • Check out the benefits you get with an Amazon Prime account
  • Learn all about Amazon Prime Day 2019 and how to make sure you’re ready to grab some bargains
  • Discover how to make the most of your credit card and see your points balance get a nice boost

Are you someone who watches with envious eyes as your neighbours have box after box of ‘stuff’ delivered to their front door? (It’s not weird to wonder what’s in the boxes. But it would be weird to open them, don't do that.)

Do you blow a mental fuse trying to calculate their shipping costs?

Do you secretly wish you could join in the lunchroom chatter about wonderful TV shows but baulk at the costs of yet another streaming service?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we need to talk about Amazon Prime.

Oh, and I almost forgot. They have a big sale in July called Amazon Prime Day. And it’s a big sale. Huge! 

This year it will begin on the 15th of July and run for a massive 65 hours.  

Laptop with Alexa speaker

But first, a quick rundown on Amazon Prime

While Amazon books have been in Australia for some years, in December 2017 it brought a much larger product range on board. But it took a few extra months for its Prime subscription service to reach the sandy beaches and rugged mountain ranges of the land Down Under. (No, I don’t know why either. Australia is always last. Not fair).

Since officially launching on June 18, 2018, Aussies have been quick to embrace all things Amazon Prime. With a monthly subscription fee of just $6.99 – or you can pay an annual fee of just $59 – it’s easy to see why.

Subscription perks include:

  • Free 2-day domestic delivery – no minimum purchase on Amazon’s domestic Prime eligible selection.

  • Free standard international delivery on eligible orders over $49 (ie. international purchases)

  • Prime video – the only place you can watch critically acclaimed shows such at the truly hilarious Catastrophe.

  • Prime music – access to 2 million songs ad-free

  • Prime reading – members get access to an ever-changing range of over a thousand e-books, comics, short works and more

  • Twitch Prime – enjoy a variety of free games every month to keep forever

  • Early access to deals and discounts

That’s quite the list, yes?

Subscribers are also entitled to exclusive access and even bigger savings on Amazon Prime Day.

More about Amazon Prime Day

The 2018 Prime Day not only broke the previous year’s record sales, it broke the Amazon website. Let’s hope they get that all sorted out for this year’s big day!

2018 was also the first year Aussies had access to the day, with Prime Day Down Under 2018 offering lots of great deals to its Aussie subscribers.

Last year, the sale was extended from 24 to 36 hours to cater for expected demand.

Will we see 48 hours in 2019? Again, only time will tell.

Kindle in action

Can anyone buy on Prime Day?

Nope. This is strictly a members-only deal, so to take advantage, you will have to join Amazon Prime.

As mentioned above, you can subscribe for just $6.99 per month, or $59 annually.

Still not convinced?

Then why not take advantage of Amazon’s 30-day free trial period. Get your timings right and you can:

  • Sign up

  • Shop till your credit card starts to cower in the corner

  • Cancel before the free trial period is up (or keep it and pay the fee).

Easy peasy.

But wait, there’s more…

For Prime Day 2019, Amazon has promised one-day delivery.

At this stage, that’s for international markets only, so we will have to wait and see if that will include Australia as well. But with just two fulfilment centres on the east coast to cover the whole of Australia, it’s unlikely.

But we can live in hope.

What sort of stuff is on sale?

Before Prime Day, Aussies searched for game consoles, mobile phones and lots of techy things. Amazon’s own Echo (Alexa) and Kindle products were among the top 10 most viewed items over the Prime Day period.

Amazon does not disclose the dollar amount of Prime Day sales, but according to various sources it was between US$1B and an eye-watering US$3.4B for Prime Day 2018.

Worldwide, they sold over 100 million products and over 1 million smart home devices – not just Amazon products but all major brands.

It’s worth noting that not all products are available on the Australian storefront. It’s a bit of a bummer we don’t have as much on offer as our friends in the US, UK and Canada.

But all is not lost. You want to know what we did get? Better discounts.


Alexa speaker on table

What are the better discounts?

Not surprisingly, Nintendo Switch and the PS4 Pro topped last year’s list of best sellers.

Amazon’s Echo smart speaker, which retails for $149, was selling for $109. The Echo Dot dropped from $48 to $39 each.

The Xbox One S 1TB Minecraft Bundle, priced at $398 at the time, was on sale for just $199.

Amazon’s Kindle reader went for $79, down $30 from its standard price. (I love my Kindle. So handy when travelling or out for the day at boring family events. Oops, did I say that out loud?)

What to expect in the 2019 Prime Day sale?

With Amazon always expanding the range it offers its Australian customers, it’s safe to assume we will see many more discounts and deals than last year.

And they also have their shiny new second warehouse out in Sydney’s Moorebank now, so lots and lots of room for lots and lots of stuff we don’t know we need until they go on sale!

I think it’s also safe to assume that Amazon’s own products will feature heavily in the sale. I mean, who doesn’t want Alexa running their house? And everyone should, by now, own a Kindle.

There will be the usual array of tech gadgets, mobile phones and TVs.

Speaking of mobile phones, according to techradar, Samsung has opted to partner with Amazon so Aussies can pre-order the latest Samsung Galaxy S10 range of mobiles quickly and easily. The TechRadar team are hoping these new phones will be included in the Prime Day sale.

As are many Samsung users who need a new phone or a cheeky upgrade 😉

Kindle with glasses

Making your credit card work for you during Prime Day

  • First and foremost, be sensible. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it.

  • Think ahead to that first repayment. How will you repay what you spend?

  • Like Santa, make a list and check it twice. Try prioritising your ‘must haves’ ahead of your ‘it would be nice’ buys.

  • Do your research before Prime Day so you don’t get caught up in the moment and buy something that isn’t really that good a deal. Buyer’s remorse is very real and very painful.

  • Read your credit card’s PDS. Understand what your benefits and rewards are all about. Are they still working for you? If not, start shopping around. Don’t be afraid to check out your options.  Remember, they want your business!

  • Use one card over another if the benefits are going to be better for you.

  • Is your provider, or the product you are buying, offering any cashback deals?

  • Check Credit Card Compare for any deals and make the switch before Prime Day.

Amazon has yet to announce the Prime Day 2019 dates and usually won’t do so until late June or early July. However, it’s likely to be around the same time as last year, which was July 16 through to July 17. 

And as we are now betting on a bigger sale than last year, it’s not a bad idea to start getting yourself organised if you plan to spend up big.

Check your credit cards, check the benefits and rewards, get that list into order, make sure you can afford it . . . and then sit back and have a happy Prime Day 2019!