How long does the credit card application process take?

Ask Miles: How long does the credit card application process take?

How long does the credit card application process take?


Before applying for your next credit card, be sure to check your credit score. It’s completely free, won’t affect your credit score and is completely secure. This will help assess the likelihood of being approved. By doing this you can avoid the risk of being rejected, which would in turn damage your credit score and future lending.

After you submit your credit card application, the credit card issuer will assess your credit history and current finances in order to determine whether or not you are eligible for the card. If you have checked your credit score, you can rest easy knowing you have already seen the information your lender will see. They also use this process to determine how much credit they will offer you, in the form of your credit limit.

Providing you meet all the key application criteria, you may be conditionally approved for the card straight after submitting an online application if you are applying for a 60-second response card.

If not, you’ll likely get a follow-up call or email from the credit card issuer to verify your identity and provide further information. This process could take anywhere from 24 hours up to two weeks. 

A conditionally approved card application will also require further information and verification too. Keep an eye out for emails to follow up these information requests so your application isn’t stalled along the way. 

If you’ve not heard anything for 5 days, there may be a good reason or just simply high demand in processing applications. It’s worth giving the bank a call to check on the status of your application.

There’s a lot of underlying details when it comes to applying for and being approved for a credit card, which we’ve collated into a handy guide:

The Ultimate guide on applying for a credit card

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