10 Inspirational Australian Mumtrepreneurs

10 inspirational Australian mumtrepreneurs

All across Australia mums are successfully juggling the ins and outs of motherhood with running dynamic, entrepreneurial businesses and their achievements are nothing short of inspiring. The internet and social media have played a large part in the phenomenon of the mumtrepreneur, allowing mums to run and market their businesses online while maintaining the role of full-time mum. 

According to the Australian Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry, there are currently at least 700,000 female small business owners in Australia, and at least half of these are work-from-home mums. This post brings together 10 of the most inspirational mumtrepeneurs in Australia who are nothing short of brilliant motherhood role models and business management experts.

10. Tracey Montford - Founder of Cake Lingerie


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Tracey Montford developed the idea for Cake Lingerie when she was pregnant with her first child. Like many expectant mothers, Tracey wanted to continue wearing fashionable and elegant underwear that was also comfortable and accommodating to the changing shape of her body but she quickly found this was a lacking market. Although she had no experience of the lingerie business, Tracey was determined to fill this gap in the market. She managed to combine raising a young child with attending Fashion School to learn her trade, and created Cake Lingerie in 2008.

Today, Cake Lingerie is recognised as an industry leader, providing women with functional yet extremely fashionable bras and underwear that are designed specifically for pregnancy and breastfeeding. The brand is stocked in over 300 international lingerie outlets and won the 'Maternity Brand of the Year' at the UK Lingerie Awards in 2011.

9. Tash White - Founder of MummaBubba Jewellery


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Melbourne entrepreneur, Tash White, created MummaBubba Jewellery while managing the family home and caring for two young daughters. After having children, White found it difficult to wear her fashionable jewellery while carrying children who want to chew on everything. Instead of forfeiting her stylish jewellery while caring for her little ones, she decided to create a solution to the problem herself. MummaBubba Jewellery is a line of jewellery that is safe for teething children to grab and chew on, yet fashionable and attractive.

MummaBubba Jewellery is made using hospital-grade silicone that is completely safe for teething gums, and the material is durable and adaptable. The company produces a wide range of pendants, bead necklaces and bangles, all in a variety of different colours. After less than a year in the business, MummaBubba Jewellery is already a success through the company’s online store and the accessories are available at 50 retailers across Australia.

8. Danni Guerreiro - Owner of Rock-A-Bye Baby Equipment Hire


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After the birth of her daughter, Danni Guerreiro began counting the cost of all the equipment and paraphernalia that babies require and just as quickly grow out of and decided there must be a better way to do this. From this idea she birthed Rock-A-Bye Baby Equipment Hire, which rents out high-end baby equipment on short-term contracts. The company specialises in rentals of luxury European brands such as Maxi Cosi, Quinny, Baby Jogger, Stokke and Leander.

Rock-A-Bye Baby has became a resounding success, and the company has now expanded to include rental packages designed for holiday makers and a popular Concierge Service for travellers with babies flying into Sydney airport. Danni’s entrepreneurial achievements were recognised when she was selected as a finalist in the 2011 Bio-Oil AusMumpreneur Awards.

7. Naomi Simson - Founder of RedBalloon


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Sydney-based entrepreneur, Naomi Simson, created RedBalloon in 2001. RedBalloon is a business specialising in online gift voucher sales. Naomi and husband Peter took a leap of faith and invested their own money in developing the company and it has paid off tremendously. Today RedBalloon has hundreds of thousands of customers across Australia and New Zealand and an annual turnover of around $25 million.

RedBalloon provides personalised gift vouchers for a huge variety of experiences, sports and activities, such as hot air ballooning, extreme sports, romantic getaways, wine tasting and fine dining. Naomi was the national winner of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2011 and the 2008 Telstra Business Women's Awards for Innovation.

6. Janine Allis - Founder of Boost Juice


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Before founding Juice Boost, Janine Allis had quite a colourful career path ranging from work in the advertising industry to nannying in France and a job cleaning the toilets on David Bowie’s yacht. In 1999, Janine and her husband Jeff visited the USA and experienced the country’s juice and smoothie market. The couple returned to Australia full of inspiration, drew up a business plan and opened their first healthy drink and snack store in Adelaide in 2000.

Since the company’s creation, Juice Boost has become a massive hit across Australia and internationally, with 250 stores in 14 countries. Over the years Boost has expanded in many directions including creating the Boost Foundation which collects funds for charitable purposes. One of their many awards was winning the Franchise Council of Australia’s International Franchise in 2010.

5. Lucie Trinco - Designer and Director at Il Tutto


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Il Tutto are makers of luxury baby bags, giving mothers all the practicality of a functional nappy changing bag disguised as a high-end and extremely stylish handbag. Founder, designer and company director, Lucie Trinco, studied design in Milan and worked as a handbag designer at companies including Jigsaw, Mambo, Fiorelli and Saba for several years.

When she and her friends started having children, Luci noticed a lack of stylish baby accessories, spotted a gap in the market for chic yet practical baby bags and decided to take the steps to fill in this gap. Since the company began in 2007, II Tutto bags have been featured in prominent magazines including Fashion, Pregnancy and Vogue and is sold by stockists all over the world.

4. Natalie Bloom - Founder of Bloom Cosmetics


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Mother of four, Natalie Bloom, combined her love of natural ingredients, graphic design skills and passion for packaging to launch Bloom Cosmetics in 1993. From a small beginning’s of selling gift cards from her parent’s house, Natalie’s line of products steadily grew to include massage oils, essential oil blends, aromatherapy lip balms, lip and eye products and eventually a became the full cosmetics range that it is today.

Today, with its strong brand design and creative spirit, Bloom Cosmetics are sold internationally with a line of over 350 products. The company has won numerous awards and Natalie herself has personally received many prizes in recognition of her entrepreneurship.

3. Amanda Jesnoewski - Founder of Velocity Media & Mummypreneurs.com.au


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Amanda Jesnoewski is a mum, blogger, journalist and founder of her company, Velocity Media. After over nine years in the corporate world working in marketing and public relations, Amanda traded her office and desk for a life of kids and a home office business.

Velocity Media began in 2007 and is a company that aims to help businesses identify and get noticed by their target market. They have worked with everyone from small business owners to international corporate companies. Velocity Media has been noticed in a number of publications including Grazia Magazine, Wealth Creator Magazine and The Courier Mail.

2. Alexandra Riggs - Founder of Oobi


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Alexandra Riggs started the Oobi children’s clothing label in her family home’s spare room and sold her designs on a small market stall. Even as an ambitious mumtrepreneur, Alex couldn’t have imagined quite how successful the Sydney-based label would become. Industry website KidStyleFile has voted Oobi Australia’s Favourite Childrenswear Label in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011, and readers of Kids Fashion Review voted the company Australia and New Zealand’s Favourite Childrenswear label in 2010 and 2011.

Alex’s approach to children’s wear design is individual, retro, quirky and groovy, giving Oobi’s output a distinctive brand identity. The label counts husband celebrity mums including Cate Blanchett and Naomi Watts as fans of the brand. Oobi has become such a success that Alex’s husband Terry quit his advertising job and became a full-time part of the company.

1. Mia Freedman - Founder of Mamamia.com.au


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Mia Freedman established Mamamia in 2007 and since then the online women’s magazine has gone from strength-to-strength. Mamamia attracts an online community of tens and thousands, presenting articles, comment and provoking discussion on everything from politics, body image, food, fashion and celebrities to feminism and motherhood.

Before founding Mamamia, Mia’s career was already focused on the world of women’s magazines, working as Editor in Chief of Cosmo, Cleo & Dolly, along with a brief stint in commercial television. She continues to write newspaper columns while editing and publishing Mamamia. She has three children with her husband Jason, who is the CEO of Mamamia.