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Say hello to Kickback, the simple new way to earn cashback from shopping at your favorite shops and brands – however you choose to pay. 

Everyone should get a kickback for shopping
Sign up to to earn up to 40% cashback from shopping at many of your favorite brands and shops.

What Kickback can do for you

We all need more ways to find extra cash. 

Kickback was built to make it really easy to build up cash which can be transferred out to your bank account or PayPal account. It's free to join.

The Kickback website and Magic Button chrome extension make it possible to track your purchases and earn cash back into your Kickback account. Plans for an app are in the pipeline.

Earn up to 40% cashback at our growing list of online shops, brands and retailers where you already shop.

Sign up to to earn cashback at many of your favorite retailers and shops.

Don't shop without getting a kickback

If you want to order drinks, buy a new laptop, get new clothes, book a hotel, stock up on pet supplies or purchase new furniture for your house then sign up to earn cashback with Kickback.

47% of people would really like to earn cashback
47% of people would really like to earn cashback
Credit Card Compare

We love cashback and rewards points (and so should you)

Don't just buy stuff. You already earn rewards points on your purchases. 

By using Kickback you can also earn cashback on top of those purchases:

  1. Shop at your favourite shops and retailers - get promos, discounts and special offers like free delivery
  2. Earn rewards points from your credit card if you've got the right card
  3. Earn cashback on top of your purchases into your Kickback account

Why we made Kickback

The founders of Credit Card Compare come from a retail family in the UK and believe that the growth of online shopping should be a great win for shoppers.

Everything we do on Credit Card Compare is designed to help you on the run up to getting a new credit card. 

We created Kickback to help you after you get your credit card. Kickback saves you money by earning cashback – regardless if you've got a cashback card, points earning frequent flyer credit card, a simple non-rewards card, or no card at all.