Hart Stopping! Kevin Hart Reveals His Credit Card Anxiety

Kevin Hart reveals his credit card anxiety

  • Despite a net worth of $214 Million, actor Kevin Hart admitted anxiety over credit card spending.
  • 58% of Aussies admit feeling anxious about any level of credit card debt.
  • Does credit card anxiety really signal irresponsible spending?

There’s no worse feeling that standing at the front of a queue wondering if your payment will be approved. Whether you’re spending a lot or a little, it’s safe to say we’ve all been there – including Kevin Hart – one of the world’s most popular comedians.

Even though he has a more-than-healthy bank balance, Hart recently admitted live on Australian talk show The Project on that he has anxiety over credit card purchases.

I still get anxiety if there’s a long line at a department store and I’m going to charge my card. I don’t know why. Don’t let nothing stupid happen this card with all these people.
- Kevin Hart

Known for his lavish lifestyle, sneaker obsession and top-rated Netflix show – Hart said having anxiety over credit card purchases when he’s so wealthy is “crazy.” While he’s in a good financial position now, the star also confessed he has made “regrettable purchases”.

“It felt great until I looked at that bank account and realised that I didn’t have money, and said to myself, ‘Where did my money go?’ And looked at a closet full of jerseys and said, ‘Uh-oh. That’s not good,”’ Hart revealed.

Kevin Hart
Credit: Ira Bostic / Shutterstock

Hart’s anxiety centres on the inconvenience of causing a fuss in a busy shop. It’s the appearance of being declined publicly. What if your card isn’t accepted? What if your card is declined due to a lack of funds? What if the shop makes a fuss of the problem in front of other people?

Most Hollywood stars won’t publicly reveal financial anxiety of any kind, and most everyday Aussie won’t either. A recent survey by Credit Card Compare found that 58% of Aussies start to feel concerned about the state of their credit card as soon as there's any debt on there. In short people are sensitive to financial anxiety.

Whether your credit card balance is relatively low or higher than you’d like, it doesn’t signal irresponsible spending if you know how to manage what you spend and how you repay it.

It’s good to take comfort knowing everyone worries if their purchases will be accepted, even Kevin Hart, but it’s even better to stay on top of your debit or credit cards so you’ve no reason to worry.

Quick tips

  • Carry more than one card so you always have a backup (should something go wrong with your other card). You may have money in your account, but sometimes EFTPOS machines play up. Be sure to have an option B.
  • Consider carrying cash as well as cards.
  • Make knowing (and understanding) your credit score a priority. Create an account on Credit Card Compare to track your credit score for free. We also have a free iOS app.