Lounge Review: JAL Sakura Lounge, Tokyo Haneda Airport (HND)

Lounge Review: JAL Sakura Lounge, Tokyo Haneda Airport (HND)

  • Superb airport lounge experience, close to Gate 112, fast WiFi, but no showers or loungers to snooze on.
  • Carefully prepared tasty food, lots of drinks, even a robotic beer dispenser.
  • Your last taste of Japan before you fly out.
4.63 out of 5
  • Amenities
  • Food & drink
  • Seating
  • Service

Lounge details

  • Lounge name: Sakura Lounge
  • Class: Economy, Premium Economy and Business
  • Operated by: JAL
  • Where: Tokyo Haneda, International terminal, 4th floor
  • When: April 2019
  • Pre-flight or layover?: Preflight on my way to London
  • Bar: Yes – complimentary drinks
  • Food service: Yes – complimentary local and international cuisine
  • Lounge area: Yes
  • Workspace: Yes
  • Free high-speed internet: Yes, very fast wifi
  • Showers: No

Lounge access even with a Premium Economy ticket

JAL Premium Economy ticket
My entry ticket to the Sakura Lounge

As part of my RTW trip last March 2019, I booked a flight from Tokyo to London with JAL.

This was the first time I had access to a lounge when flying Premium Economy, and let me tell you… it was great.

The lounge is the same for Business and Premium Economy, but there’s also another Sakura Lounge for economy class (yes, if you’re flying Economy with JAL, you have access to the lounge, and even though I didn’t get in, I can imagine everything was probably  spotless and great, because well… it’s Japan!).

Seek and enjoy

This lounge is located on the International terminal.

Once you go through security and immigration, head to the left, and right in front of the gate 112 you will find the stairs/elevator/escalators that will take you to the 4th floor, where the Sakura Lounge is located.

JAL Sakura Lounge location
Location of the escalator that will take you to the 4th floor
Image courtesy of JAL

Once you’re past the welcome desk, if you go straight, you’ll get to the Premium Economy Lounge, and if you go upstairs, that’s where the Economy Lounge is located.

At this point, nothing will stop you from going from one lounge to the other. I found a couple of people on the same lounge as I was, that were traveling Economy when I boarded.

JAL Sakura Lounge logo
The lounge entrance for Economy, Premium Economy and Business class

First impressions

As soon as you walk in the lounge, you can tell you haven’t left Japan yet, because all the decoration is Japanese. Wooden structures visually separating spaces. Lots of wood, sober design, very warm lights.

If you were lucky like I was, to travel and experience the traditional parts of Japan, you’ll instantly see the resemblance.

JAL Sakura Lounge phone booths
Phone booths so people won't disturb silence while relaxing in the lounge

Before you get to the fun part of the lounge (where all the food is), you'll find the bathroom (no showers or fancy toiletries), lockers for your bags, a fax machine booth (read the next paragraph to understand why this exists), phone/mobile booths (where you would take a call without disturbing anyone else, VERY Japanese), and relaxing area with TV screens).

So... fax machine booth... according to the government’s Cabinet Office, almost 100 percent of business offices and 45 percent of private homes had a fax machine as of 2011 (source: NYTIMES).

You'll find a lot of these lovely old-new interactions throughout Japan. They invented the bullet train, but they still use human traffic lights. High tech companies still using software from 10 years. One of the fastest internet connections, but cloud storage is not a thing just yet. (source: BBC).

Enough of fax machines... moving on

JAL Sakura Lounge
A beautiful Japanese design, indeed

The first thing you see when you enter the main area, is the food and beverages court. This is definitely my favourite part.

In this part of the lounge you can also find the seating area, with both tables and couches.

Not the biggest dining/seating area I have seen, so I can only assume that this would be packed on a busy day (specially if this is a shared lounge between Premium Economy and Business class tickets), but luckily for me, my flight was at 1.50AM so there was not a lot of people around.

The food

JAL Sakura Lounge food court
A mix of Japanese and western food court
You'll find a mix of Japanese and western food in here. To name a few:

  • pork dumplings
  • herb chicken
  • shrimp cream maraconi
  • conger eel sushi balls
  • traditional miso soup
  • a make-you-own-salad bar
  • and snacks

JAL Sakura Lounge food court
The wraps, salads and soups section

The beverages

JAL Sakura Lounge beverages
A few top-class beverages, including a winning award spirit called Ryukyu Awamori

In this section, you can find:

  • Fresh fruit juices, like guava, pineapple, orange and apple
  • A whole section for coffee and tea lovers (I would recommend the Jasmine tea, which was incredible)
  • Lounge-standard bottles like Baileys, Smirnoff, Chivas and Tanqueray
  • Japanese spirits, some of them are prize-winners, sake or the best of all in my opinion, umeshu (plum liqueur)
  • International and local wines

JAL Sakura Lounge wines from different parts of the world
A selection of wines from different parts of the world
JAL Sakura Lounge umeshu
My favourite alcoholic beverage in Japan, umeshu (plum/ume liqueur)

Let me tell you what umeshu is. A great liqueur.

But according to wikipedia, there's another definition:

Umeshu is a Japanese liqueur made by steeping ume fruits (while still unripe and green) in alcohol and sugar.

It has a sweet, sour taste, and an alcohol content of 10–15%. (source: wikipedia).

If you've read our review for our flight from Manila (Philippines) to Tokyo (Japan), if you scroll down to the image of the JAL Sky Suites flat bed, you'll be able to see my cabin with a nice glass of umeshu on the rocks. That's where it all began.

I liked it enough to bring a bottle of umeshu Choya (one of the big brands) back to Argentina, but consider the fact that I went to Northern Ireland and England before heading home, so it was quite a journey for that bottle.

JAL Sakura Lounge snacks
My starters, Japanese snacks, umeshu and a taste of Rémy Martin champagne cognac
JAL Sakura Lounge food
My main, beer, chicken wrap, conger eel sushi balls, shumai pork dumplings and shrimp cream macaroni gratin

I would 100% recommend everything I had, and also what I didn't have.

The food was great. The conger eel sushi balls dipped in soy sauce were delicious. And so was the rest of the food, seriously. 

Sometimes, in airport lounges (even in fancy ones) when open those metallic warmers, you get the feeling of food made in huge batches, loveless, soulless food.

This was not the case. Everything was carefully prepared and tasted amazing.

What else was there?

JAL Sakura Lounge magazines and newspapers
Magazines and newspapers from around the world

I don't usually read newspapers or magazines when I travel, ever. BUT if you like reading, there was a big collection of them, from all around the world.

I prefer reading the news online, and for that, I had my laptop and some really decent internet with a whopping 100Mbps for downloads, and 200Mbps for uploads. 

JAL Sakura Lounge internet speed test
Crazy fast internet, enough to work at 3AM

I used the time wisely and worked...

The fact that the above image has some blurred, almost transparent Netflix background doesn't mean that I watched almost 6 episodes of How I met your mother.

And then there was an announcement

JAL Sakura Lounge screens
This is the screen when I believed my flight was going to depart on time

Around 1:30AM, there was an announcement on the speakers. Started in Japanese language, so I couldn't understand a single word, but by the looks of the Japanese business men that were sitting right next to me, I knew something was wrong.

Then they announced it in English.

The flight is still delayed. Next announcement in 30 minutes.
- Lady hiding behind a microphone

It was not until almost 5AM, when they finally announced that the boarding process was about to begin.

Next destination? London Heathrow on a Premium Economy seat with JAL.

One more thing

Have you ever wondered how to properly pour a Japanese beer?

You let a robot do it for you (I know, it's technically not a "robot", but machine sounded boring).