Marley Spoon vs Woolworths: Grocery shopping or Meal Prep Kits?

Marley Spoon vs Woolworths: What's better?

  • Weekly meal kits delivered or the traditional shopping market experience?
  • We interviewed a Sydney mum to see how Marley Spoon changed her life 
  • A mixture of delivered meals and traditional shopping could be the way forward

We all lead busy lives, so are increasingly looking for more convenience in our food choices. There’s also a growing trend in Australia for both healthy lifestyle options and the desire to create less waste.

So it’s no great surprise that we have seen a steady rise in meal home delivery options, catering for people who have less time to eat well. One of the popular choices is Marley Spoon. We interviewed one Sydney family to discover whether shopping at Woolworths or using Marley Spoon was the better choice for them.

The rise of meal delivery services

Meal delivery services

Marley Spoon is a subscription-based weekly meal kit service designed to take the hassle out of meal planning. Unlike weight loss programs such as Lite n’ Easy where the food comes ready to reheat, Marley Spoon instead offers portion-controlled market-fresh ingredients, allowing you to prepare your own delicious and nutritious meal in around 30 minutes.

As customers become increasingly disillusioned with traditional grocery shopping, Australians have embraced the use of meal kits to not only reduce waste, but also to take away the worry of needing to answer “What’s for dinner?” each night when they come home from an exhausting workday.

How many times have you walked into the supermarket, and seen so much food laid out that you know you have the ability to cook anything you want. But what do you end up doing? You walk out with the same things each time.

What Marley Spoon and other similar meal kit delivery options provide is the convenience of allowing you to try new meals without the time-consuming effort of researching new ideas.

How Woolies is responding to the trend

Woolworths has cottoned on to this fast-growing trend of home cooked healthy meal choices and has commenced a strategy to capture back this market, introducing ‘Ready to Create’ bags as its solution to the meal kit concept. 

The new ‘Ready to Create’ bags sit in the ‘Ready to Go’ section at the front of the store (where you’ll also find fresh sandwiches, salads and healthy juices) and offer customers the convenience of cooking recipes from scratch without needing to shop for all of the ingredients separately.

So far it is the first meal kit concept at a mainstream Aussie supermarket, with customers able to pick up a bag in selected stores.

But the question remains: is this enough of a convenience, or are people really looking for the ingredients to be delivered directly to their door? While Woolworths does offer an online delivery option, the take-up remains relatively low.

Online ordering is nothing new

Online ordering for Marley Spoon

Over the past 15 years, we have seen fashion, books and electronics all move to an online shopping model. Even in the financial services industry, we no longer need to visit a bank branch to apply for a credit card or home loan, since this can largely be done online.

The grocery segment, however, is slower to make the shift, with only 3% of customers making the move to online ordering and home delivery.

We chatted to Renae, a mum of two and busy corporate professional, about why she made the move to Marley Spoon, and how it compares to her experience shopping at Woolworths.

A Sydney family’s experience with Marley Spoon and Woolworths

Marley spoon makes family dinner easy

Renae works full-time as well as being a mum. She lives in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs with her husband and two children aged two and four. Before discovering Marley Spoon she used to shop exclusively at Woolworths in Double Bay. It was her preferred supermarket as it’s close to where she lives and she likes that the store is nicely set out.

Since there are four in the family she considers herself a big shopper, and would spend on average $250 to $300 a week on groceries. “I like to ensure the family eats healthy meals so would purchase a lot of fresh meat and veggies. My go-to meals to make were stir-frys and salads, but having the same meals over and over again was becoming quite boring,” Renae said.

She also found herself throwing out leftover fruit and veggies each week. So when she discovered Marley Spoon she was keen to give it a go. 

Changing a family, one meal at a time

Renae always used to come home from work tired and have the same conversation with her husband every night about what they were going to have for dinner. When we chatted with her about Marley Spoon she wasn’t reserved in telling us that it had changed her family’s life completely. Now she doesn’t even need to think about what’s to eat as it’s all there ready to go.

“The meals are quite cost-effective and we get three meals a week for about $55. What I love about it is the variety of food that my family now enjoys. I’m cooking with spices I never would have thought to use and no food is going to waste. Some of the meals I loved so much that I even kept the recipe cards and made the meals again when we had friends over for dinner,” she said.

She loves the early morning delivery before she heads off to work, knowing her week is planned out. “Not being a natural cook, I love that it’s giving me more cooking ideas using whole foods. I’m definitely a convert and tell all my friends about how much it has improved my family’s life.”

The drawback of these types of meal delivery services is that you are expected to have a few staples in your pantry to add to the recipes. So a part of Renae’s shop each week is still done at Woolworths. “With two little kids, I still need to head into Woolies for things like formula and some snacks and breakfast meals for me and my husband. But it’s been good to find a solution that works best for our family,” she said.

Rewarded with the best of both worlds

Marley Spoon webite

By using both Marley Spoon and Woolworths Renae has discovered the best of both worlds. To make the most of the arrangement she pays for both Marley Spoon and her Woolworths shop with a rewards credit card.

A great choice of card for this type of shopping is the Woolworths Everyday Platinum Credit Card.

Because it rewards you for the everyday things that you buy, you can earn points on Marley Spoon purchases as well as shopping in-store at Woolies. For every $1 spent, your points are converted into shopping cards every four months to use across participating Woolworths group stores. 4000 points = a $20 shopping card.

So this is perfect for Renae. Not only does she earn points on Marley Spoon purchases, when she does need to go in-store at Woolworths she saves too. She earns points with her Woolworths Everyday Platinum Credit Card to add to the points she’s already earning as a member of the Woolworths Rewards program.

Her Woolworths credit card brings her another benefit. On selected dates once a month she can save 10% off her shop, a potential saving of up to $50 every month.

Discover more about the Woolworths Everyday Platinum Credit Card and how it can bring convenience, value and rewards to your life.