Points prosperity: 16 brilliant gifts for a winning Mother's Day

Points prosperity: 16 brilliant gifts for a winning Mother's Day

  • Celebrating our mums has now become a billion dollar industry, with flowers and dining out the top gifts
  • Boost your points balance by purchasing a gift from over 200 stores via the Qantas Shopping Online Mall
  • Check out our top picks for Mother’s Day Gifts this year 

Where would we be without our mums? They’ve carved out a special place in our hearts, and on the second Sunday of May we take the time to celebrate them.

Mother’s Day has long been part of the Australian events calendar. But where did the idea to dedicate the day to honour motherhood come from?

Celebrating motherhood can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, who held festivals in honour of mother goddesses. But it was not until the 1900s that the official Mother’s Day holiday came about, starting in the USA. Anna Jarvis lost her mum in 1905 and came up with the idea for Mother’s Day to honour the sacrifices mums make for their children. 

In Australia, it was not until 1924 that Mother’s Day was first celebrated. Janet Heyden started a tradition in Sydney, for local schools and businesses to donate gifts to lonely, forgotten and aged mothers at Newington State Hospital. 

Over the years, Mother’s Day has evolved into the day that we know it as today. When you were growing up it might have been a homemade gift, a box of chocolates or an attempt at breakfast in bed that would have your mum’s face light up with pride. And now that her baby has grown up, a phone call or a lovely lunch is often much appreciated.

Now a billion dollar industry

Shopping online for Mother's Day presents

These days Mother’s Day in Australia is a billion dollar industry, with the Australian Retailers Association detailing that in 2016 Aussies spent over $2 billion dollars to celebrate their mums. $200 million is spent on flowers and plenty of dollars are dished out on taking mum out for lunch or dinner. This makes Mother’s Day the second biggest day of the year for restaurants (behind Valentine's Day).

The biggest retail winners after florists and restaurants include jewellery stores, confectionery merchants and online gift and experience retailers. And we are seeing a trend for more and more shoppers to turn to online shopping to find the perfect gift to show mum, or other special women in their lives, how much they mean to them. 

Whether you are looking for something for the sporty mum, eco-friendly mum or the mum that deserves some pampering, there are plenty of choices when it comes to shopping online this Mother’s Day.

Be mum’s favourite and give your points balance a boost too

Mum's favourite

If you are a savvy shopper you can benefit from earning some points along the way, while making mum super happy with your gift choice.

Qantas Frequent Flyer members can earn Qantas Points to boost their balance when buying from the Qantas Shopping Online Mall.

With over 200 stores to choose from, all your favourite brands make an appearance. And since bonus points offers are frequently available, you can earn up to 10 points per dollar spent at selected stores.

You just want to make sure that you head to shopping.qantas.com and log in with your Frequent Flyer details first. Then search for the store you are looking to make a purchase from and click the Shop Now button. 

This will redirect you to the store’s website where you can shop and check out as normal. 

You’ll need to make sure cookies are enabled on your computer because this is how your purchase is tracked and your Frequent Flyer account is credited with the points. 

If you are anything like me, you may tend to remember about earning points after you've already made a purchase. So I love that Qantas has created a new Points Prompter, that you can add to your Chrome or Firefox browser. This nifty little tool will then alert you to the fact you could be earning points from the store you’ve visited, so you’ll never miss the chance to earn points again.

Want even more points?

Yep, it’s possible.

Just link your Mastercard credit card to your Frequent Flyer account. You’ll then get access to weekly limited-time bonus points offers from your favourite brands.

And if you apply for, or already have, a Qantas Premier Platinum Credit Card you’ll also get:

  • 1.0 Qantas point per dollar on purchases in AUD, up to $10,000 per month
  • 0.5 Qantas point per dollar on purchases in AUD, after the first $10,000 per month
  • 1.0 additional Qantas points per dollar uncapped, spent with Qantas (flights, membership fees, gift vouchers, online store and epiQure purchases)
  • 1.5 QFF points per dollar on purchases in foreign currency, uncapped

Those points will really start to add up!

If you don’t already have a Qantas Premier Platinum Credit Card, then you might also be eligible to receive 100,000 bonus Qantas Points. You’ll need to spend at least $3,500 using the card in the first 90 days after approval, to be awarded 70,000 Qantas points, which is a pretty achievable amount per month if you use it for everyday spending.

Then, on your card anniversary one year down the line, just pay the annual fee for the next year and you’ll receive a further 30,000 bonus points.

You’ll get a reduced annual fee of $149 p.a. in the first year, which reverts to $299 p.a. thereafter. Plus you can take advantage of 0% p.a. for 18 months on balance transfers.

Ready to start shopping for mum?

Mother and daughter having a coffee together

Whether your mum is the sporty type, loves to be pampered or is an eco-warrior we’ve found something for everyone from the Qantas Shopping Online Mall.

We’ve done the hard work for you and put together our top picks to make this Mother’s Day a special one.

A journal just for mum

Give your mum the perfect place to write their heart out. With a beautiful linen hardcover and exquisite gold embossed wording across the front saying MAMA, it makes the ideal gift this Mother’s Day.

At just $39.95 from David Jones, you’ll earn 6 points per dollar spent. Adding a nice 239 points to your frequent flyer balance.

Fitbit Charge 3 health and fitness tracker

Woman tracking fitness with a Fitbit

For the sporty mum or mum who just likes to get outside for a walk, they’ll love this fitness tracker. It’s got a nice sleek design, is swim-proof and has heaps of exercise modes to choose from.

At an affordable $178, when you buy from Bing Lee before 20 May you’ll earn 3 points per dollar, giving you a cool 534 points.

Sony noise-cancelling headphones

Give mum the gift of silence from the hustle and bustle of a noisy house, or the perfect accompaniment for the travelling mum on their next flight. These comfy headphones will reduce ambient noise by 95%. With an 80-hour battery life, mum can look forward to plenty of quiet times ahead.

These headphones are a bargain at $122, which will get you a nice 244 points by purchasing from Appliances Online who offer 2 points per dollar spent.

Running tank top

Mother and daughter doing yoga

For the mum who loves to run or likes to get fit at the gym, an Adidas tank top can be a great choice. The breathable quick-dry fabric is perfect when working up a sweat.

Purchases from the Adidas online store deliver a fantastic 6 bonus points per dollar spent. So the $50 tank top will earn you a nice 300 points to add to your balance.

Mimco jewel case

For the mum who loves a bit of sparkle in their day, help them keep their statement jewellery pieces safe at home or when travelling, with this stylish case.

By purchasing the $89.95 case from David Jones you’ll earn yourself a nice 6 points per dollar, giving you the welcome addition of 539 points.

You just want to make sure that you head to shopping.qantas.com and log in with your Frequent Flyer details first. Then search for the store you are looking to make a purchase from and click the Shop Now button.

Country Road leather pouch

When mum is looking for a night on the town without lugging a large handbag around, she’ll love this large leather pouch. With seven colours to choose from you’re bound to find one that suits your mum’s unique style.

When you buy the $79.95 pouch from Country Road you’ll earn a cool 5 points per dollar spent, giving your balance a 399 point boost.

Mini candle trio

Mini candles on desk

If your mum loves adding a fragrance to her home then she will love this tropical Spice, Coconut & Lime and Vanilla Soy Mini Candle Trio.

At just $44.99 from Dusk, you’ll currently earn 4 points per dollar spent, giving you a 179 points balance boost. 

Georg Jensen vase

With flowers being the most popular gift for mums, why not give her a beautiful vase that she can use each year, time and time again?

At $280 this would make a great addition to a table setting or side cabinet, and it’s a standout piece that will last for many years to come. Plus you’ll earn yourself a handy 6 points per dollar spent, giving a decent 1680-point boost to your balance. 

Rose bath soak

Woman soaking in a bath of flowers

If you are on a budget, or looking for a gift to go alongside flowers or going out for a meal, then give your mum the gift of relaxation with this Salt by Hendrix Rose Cleanse.

At just $24.95 you’ll earn a decent 6 points per dollar spent at Adore Beauty, giving a nice little 149-point boost to your balance.

CHANEL Coco Mademoiselle

What mum doesn’t love nice perfume? And it’s hard to go wrong with a Chanel classic. This Chanel Coco Mademoiselle 100 ml spray comes in at $240.

When you purchase from David Jones you’ll earn a respectable 6 points per dollar giving you a nice 1,440 points top-up. 

Porcelain travel cup

Got a mum who loves coffee? This porcelain travel cup with a super cute design is a great and practical gift for mums who need a little caffeine hit.

This reusable cup is great for the environment and comes with the affordable price tag of just $19.95. You earn 3 points per dollar at Kikki.K giving you a 59-point boost. 

Leather travel wallet

Perhaps your mum loves to travel? Help them stay organised and on top of keeping everything in one place with this stylish travel wallet.

From Kikki.K you can pick this up for $69.95 and add 209 points to your balance. 

Adrenaline vouchers

Woman skydiving

For the thrill-seeking mums amongst us, an Adrenaline gift voucher can be a great choice. Perhaps pool together with siblings and grab a $250 voucher, giving mums lots of activities to choose from.

You will earn 4 points per dollar spent, so a $250 voucher can net you a cool 1,000 points.

Gift hamper

For a more traditional Mother’s Day gift, it’s hard to go wrong with a choccies and champagne gift hamper.

This one from Bockers and Pony is $189 and you’ll earn a generous 8 points per dollar spent. Not a bad way to earn 1,512 points and keep mum happy.



We can’t leave off the go-to choice of gift for mums at this time of year. This bright arrangement comes in a gold vase that she can use again.

Purchase from Interflora for $82.50 and you’ll earn 7 points per dollar spent – a nice 577 points balance boost.

Delonghi coffee machine

If you have siblings and want to pool your funds together to get a gift coffee-loving mums will adore, then consider a coffee machine.

This one from Delonghi is $395, and since you earn 6 points per dollar spent at David Jones, you can have a nice little boost of 2,370 points.

Best of both worlds

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, it’s time to find your gift of choice at the Qantas Shopping Online Mall, to make both your mum and your points balance happy.