Singapore Airlines and Malaysia Airlines announce potential codeshare

Singapore Airlines and Malaysia Airlines announce potential codeshare

  • Singapore Airlines and Malaysia Airlines have signed a MOU to codeshare flights
  • More codeshare flights will be bookable across the airlines even though SIA is Star Alliance and Malaysia Airlines is OneWorld.
  • Once upon a time the two airlines were the Malaysia-Singapore Airlines back in 1969-1972.

A new business agreement Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines could see your travel opportunities widen significantly. The two airlines have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will expand their respective networks for flyers. 

While it may seem a little out of place, the two airlines have a footprint that covers most of Asia, Austalia, Europe and the United States. And with the right points and miles in place, the new cooperation could offer you lots of opportunities for discounted travel starting with regional Asian flights.

Singapore Airlines A380
One of Singapore Airlines 18 massive A380's used for long haul flights

How does this affect Singapore Airlines and Malaysia Airlines?

Under the newly minted agreement, the two airlines are looking at several options. First, both carriers are considering increasing their codeshare flights. This creates more opportunities to travel through one carrier marketing a flight aboard the other airline. Through this simple action, flyers can get the best of both carriers’ route maps while staying loyal to their favourite frequent flyer program. 

Malaysian Airlines A350
One of Malaysian Airlines A350's used for longer flights

Speaking of frequent flyer programs: both carriers are looking into creating more synergy in their programs. This could include the possibility to earn and use both Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles and Malaysia Airlines Enrich miles for flights on both airlines. While nothing has been announced, the two programs could very easily meet in the middle for Australian flyers – resulting in even more value for your miles and more ways to earn them. 

Because the agreement includes all five airlines under both brands and may have implications on the frequent flyer programs, this isn’t a situation to sleep on. With a formal agreement expected soon, now is the time to prepare for discounted travel with the right combination of points earning cards.

What does the airlines agreement mean for you?

The agreement may give Australian travellers many different opportunities to fly – potentially on both airlines – especially for regional flights in Asia. But your value may come down to how you manage your points. 

When planning any international travel, many Australian flyers think of Dubai or the Middle East as the primary hub. However, Qantas increasingly uses Singapore International Airport as its major hub for flights to European cities. You could use your Qantas Frequent Flyer miles to travel to Singapore, and then transfer to Europe in style via Singapore Airlines or Malaysia Airlines. 

In addition, many business travellers connect through Singapore for international and intercontinental travel. Combined with the fact that flyers can transfer American Express Membership Rewards points to KrisFlyer, the miles may soon usable on Malaysia Airlines – in addition to Star Alliance carriers. Click here to calculate how far your rewards could go with American Express

Finally, because the loyalty programs may have cross-integration in the near future, you may not even need miles from Malaysian Enrich or Singapore KrisFlyer to cross over on both airlines. Because Qantas and Malaysian Airlines are both members of oneworld, the potential exists to book awards for Malaysian and possibly Singapore Airlines by using Qantas Frequent Flyer miles. And because Singapore Airlines is a member of Star Alliance, the converse may also present itself in the future with Virgin Velocity Points

This new agreement could literally open new worlds of discovery for the frequent traveller. But only to the extent that they prepare ahead. If you’re thinking about earning points towards that big trip, now is the time to begin, before availability and seats get booked away.