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Comtax Credit Union Credit Cards

Comtax Credit Union is a division of Sydney Credit Union, with a head office in Blacktown, NSW, and branches all located in New South Wales. Many members of the credit union are employed in the public service and local government, but anyone can become a member and apply for a credit card.

Comtax Credit Union was created in 1948 to service employees of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). In 2008 it merged with Security Credit Union to become a part of the new Allied Members Credit Union, which was in its turn merged with Sydney Credit Union. So Comtax is now a division of Sydney Credit Union Limited (SCU).

The combined group has members employed at the ATO, the Department of Human Services and in local government, as well as other members acquired by mergers with New South Wales metropolitan and regional credit unions.

The head office is located in Blacktown, New South Wales, and there are 16 branches in total, all in New South Wales.

Mutual structure

Comtax and the Sydney Credit Union are owned by their members, who are shareholders. Credit unions are run for the benefit of members, so there are no shareholder profits or dividends paid. All surplus funds are re-invested in the credit union.

Comtax/Sydney Credit Union financial products

The SCU offers a range of financial products and services, including a credit card, bank accounts, home loans, car loans, personal loans, property investment loans, business banking, insurance and financial planning.

Anyone can have an account

The SCU has a wide membership range, and anyone can become a member and apply for a credit card or open a bank account.

Since online banking and a mobile app are available, plus free access to ATMs owned by the Big Four banks, you don’t need to live in Sydney to open a bank account or use its credit card.

Digital wallet availability

SCU’s credit card can be used in conjunction with Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay, to turn your mobile phone into a digital wallet for fast and easy payments.

balance transfer rate
purchase rate
annual fee
Comtax Credit Union Low Rate Visa
Low annual fee of only $30 p.a.
Low interest rate of 10.49% p.a.
Can get up to 4 additional cardholders.
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10.49% p.a.
10.49% p.a.

Q&As about Comtax Credit Union Credit Cards from customers

Q: What is Comtax?

Comtax was founded in 1948 as a credit union for ATO employees, but following a series of mergers it is now a division of Sydney Credit Union Limited.

Q: Can anyone have a credit card from Sydney Credit Union?

Yes. But you will need to buy one low-cost share to become a member of the credit union.

Q: What kind of accounts and products does Sydney Credit Union offer?
  • A credit card: the Sydney Credit Union Low Rate Visa Credit Card
  • Bank savings and transaction accounts
  • Term deposits
  • Home loans
  • Property investment loans
  • Car loans
  • Personal loans
  • Business banking
  • Insurance
  • Financial planning
Q: Does Sydney Credit Union have branches and ATMs?

It has 16 branches, all located in Sydney, but none of its own ATMs. However, members can use ATMs operated by the Big Four banks free of charge.

You can also manage your accounts, including your credit card, via online banking and a mobile app.

Q: Does Sydney Credit Union have online banking?


Q: Does Sydney Credit Union have a mobile app?


Q: Is the Sydney Credit Union credit card compatible with Apple Pay, or Google Pay or Samsung Pay?

It’s compatible with all three.

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