Westpac Low Fee Platinum Credit Card

Westpac Low Fee Platinum Credit Card

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Westpac Low Fee Platinum Credit Card
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Westpac Low Fee Platinum Credit Card
0% p.a. on purchases for up to 9 months from card approval.
Cheap credit card from Westpac with no annual fee to pay for the first year (a $90 saving).
Up to 55 days on purchases.
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9 months
0% p.a.
then 20.09%
1st year
then $90

Pros & cons

What's good?

What's not so good?

0% p.a. on purchases for up to 9 months from card approval.
$0 p.a. annual fee for the first year, and $0 p.a. in subsequent years when you spend $10,000 or more on purchases in the previous year using your card (saving $90).
Up to 55 days on purchases.
Tap & go™ quickly and easily using your Mastercard® for a faster transaction.
Free personal concierge service.
Free insurance covers for travel and shopping.
No introductory balance transfer offer.

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User reviews

3.8 out of 5.0 based on 16 reviews81% of reviewers would recommend this card

Rates and fees
Customer service

Reviews from users

High rate but good insurance and security

Reviewed and recommended by Catherine on 20 Oct 2016

While the interest rate is high, I have found that Westpac’s credit card insurance is good.

They provide alerts when a charge is atypical and they promptly investigated when I told them that a thief had placed certain charges against my card. Much to my relief, they investigated the dodgy business, reported it to the police who also investigated the matter, and removed the incorrectly charged amounts on my credit card.

Platinum benefits at no extra cost

Reviewed and recommended by Ann on 21 Sep 2016

I have had the Westpac 55 Day Platinum Visa Card for about five years now and have no complaints whatsoever. It wasn’t always the platinum card but I received an offer from Westpac not long ago to upgrade to platinum at no cost to me. Of course I accepted.

The card comes with all the extra benefits you expect from platinum, such as complimentary travel insurance.

I love my Westpac Platinum Visa and would not consider changing for anything.

Great for travelling

Reviewed and recommended by Judith on 20 Sep 2016

I travelled to the Mediterranean for a holiday and I ended up in hospital with a mild stroke. The travel insurance I got with my card would have come in handy for my expenses, but fortunately Malta has an agreement with Australia. For the first six months in the country, medical care is free. But QBE insurance company were going to support me all the way if needed.

Points cap

Reviewed and not recommended by Kym on 15 Jul 2016

The points on this card are capped at 7500. I have one credit card with a limit of $3100. I will be deleting this card soon as the debt (even with full balance available) is seen as a liability, and it outweighs any rewards. If the rewards were higher, I would consider keeping it.

Simply the best!

Reviewed and recommended by Ann on 02 Jul 2016

This is my very favourite Visa card. I use it all the time as my major credit card and have all my direct debit payments made from this card. Their consumer support is second to none and the very few problems I have had have been sorted very quickly by courteous and knowledgeable staff.

I particularly like the complimentary travel insurance too. Some of the other cards have this insurance, but only for international travel. My card covers me for inter-state travel and I use it a lot. Great card!

Not a bad card

Reviewed and recommended by Anthony on 01 Jul 2016

For what it is, there are no frills, but there are no extras to pay for either. There is a basic annual fee, there’s the added security of insurance, and there’s the 55 day interest-free period. There is no rewards package, but that is all made very apparent in the documentation from the bank. Very useful.

No annual fees!

Reviewed and recommended by Jessica on 24 Jun 2016

This card has no annual fees and payWave. I’ve never had an issue with it. I always pay back within the 55 days, so it costs me nothing! What more can I ask for?

I don’t really care for rewards, but they are offered. If I was more proactive I could probably get even more value from this card.

Yes I saved money

Reviewed and recommended by Pankaj on 23 Jun 2016

It’s a good card. 55 days interest-free really helps me. There are no fees for me because I have my home loan with them. Service is good and it does what I need it to. I’m doing lot of interest-free shopping—quite happy with that. Thanks, awesome!

Fast easy cash - so satisfied with this card

Reviewed and recommended by Linda Smith on 04 Aug 2015

Well it’s the lightest purse to go shopping with – just slip it in my back pocket and off I go. The greatest thing about it is that I can use it anywhere and everywhere, and later when I get home I can log on to my mobile banking app to check my daily use of the card that day for any incorrect charges or surcharges that aren’t right. It’s much better than cash, coins, and wasted time at checkouts. It’s also great for online shopping, booking concerts, etc.

I have this card cause it makes my life simpler.

Happy with Qantas Frequent Flyers points

Reviewed and recommended by Andrea Wallen on 13 Jun 2015

I use the card in a smart way as I pay onto it straight away to avoid the fees. This card comes with a Visa and an American Express, which I must admit is a little annoying as that means I now have two cards.

The American Express card earns higher qantas points (1 point per $1) than the Visa (0.5 points per $1), which is annoying as this comes with a surcharge and not always accepted everywhere. Other than that I am very happy with this credit card

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The basics

About this card

Card setup
Card tier
Card type
Card use
Credit rating
Gambling transactions allowed
Joint application
Minimum age
18 years old
Minimum income
Minimum income for pensioners
Same as standard
Rewards program
Temporary residents


Additional cardholders
Additional card fee
$0 p.a.

Credit limits

Minimum credit limit
Maximum credit limit


Interest charged from
Purchase date
Interest free period
Up to 55 days on purchases
Minimum repayment

Rates & fees

Promotional interest rates

Interest ratePeriodFeeLimitRevert rate
Balance transfersN/AN/AN/AN/A N/A
Purchases0% p.a.9 monthsN/AN/A 20.09% p.a.

Ongoing interest rates

Cash advances 1.79% 21.49% p.a.
Purchases 1.67% 20.09% p.a.


Annual fee
$0 p.a.
Annual fee 2nd year
$90 p.a.
Cash advance fee
whichever is greater, $2.50 or 2%
Dishonour fee
Duplicate statement fee
Foreign exchange fee
Late payment fee
Over limit fee
Overseas ATM balance fee
Overseas ATM withdrawal fee
Overseas emergency card replacement fee
Transaction verification fee

Minimum criteria for this card

What you need before applying

Be over 18 years old
You are a resident or citizen of Australia
Earn a regular income of more than $30,000 per year
You have your personal details ready to complete the online application
Have not applied for multiple credit cards recently
Temporary residents are eligible
Age Pension, Disability Pension, Veteran's Pension and Widower's Pension are acceptable.
Austudy, Child Support Payments, Family Tax Benefits and Parenting Payments, Foster Care Allowance and Youth Allowance are acceptable.
Joint applications are not allowed
Overseas Pension is not acceptable.
Carer's Allowance is not acceptable.
Disclaimer: The minimum criteria are intended only to be a guide. Your application may still be rejected by the bank even if you can answer 'Yes' to all the minimum criteria. The final decision regarding your application is up to the bank.
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