What if Google Made a Credit Card?

What if Google Made a Credit Card?

Here at CreditCardCompare.com.au, we thought it would be fun to follow up on our hypothetical Apple iCard and speculate what a Google-issued credit card would be like. This sarcastic visualisation is the result.

What if Google Issued a Credit Card?

It's time to start to start feeling lucky again. Introducing the new credit card from Google. It can wipe out your tax bill and help you accumulate incredible rewards with SpendRank. The rates & fees are super low and you can use it to pay for stuff just about anywhere in the world.

Save on your taxes with Google NOTAX

We hardly pay any tax and neither should you. In fact, on average we pay less that 2.5% tax thanks to our complex web of holding companies around the world. Google Card holders can route payments through our NOTAX platform which means you can keep more of your money.

Build SpendRank for rewards

Shopping should be rewarding. We generate a rewards score based on our patented algorithm, which we like to call SpendRank. Higher SpendRank translates into incredible rewards. What you buy, where you buy from and how much you spend each month will affect your SpendRank.

Super low rates

Because the Google Card is advertiser supported, you can get super low rates and fees. In return, our AdWords advertisers get to know a little more about you. It's a win-win for everyone.

Tap in-store or just swipe

For in-store purchases you can already Tap-to-pay using your Google Wallet smartphone. And if you can't travel to a store that is NFC-enabled, then you can swipe the physical Google Card.

Shopping and exclusive coupons

You'll get access to shopping offers and exclusive coupon recommendations based on your Google Search and YouTube viewing history. Also, receive a free $50 voucher to spend at Google Play when you get the card.

Customer support you'll love

Have a customer service question? Need to report a suspicious transaction? Lost your card? Not problem, there's 24/7 access to our online support forums where Googlers and other Google Card holders can help.

Pure online-only banking

Stay on top of your account using Google's tools. View your paperless statements in Gmail and Google Drive. We'll also auto-categorize your spending and other offer helpful tips on how to pay off your balance faster.

Security you can trust

We're the company who can do no evil and trust is the currency we bank on, which is why we have developed impenetrable security measures even China's best hackers can't penetrate. Your critical information is safe with Google.