Use your points to book Business Class with Australia’s #1 Reward Flights Concierge.

IFlyFlat is a frequent flyer points travel resource, founded in 2012, for small and medium-sized businesses who want to maximise the benefit they derive from their frequent flyer points.

Founder Steve Hui and his team of frequent flyer points experts can help you to choose the best combination of frequent flyer programs and frequent flyer credit cards, based on your, or your company’s, travel patterns. They also provide an award flight booking service.

Money-saving advice and service

Styled as ’the points whisperer’, the organisation is a recognised leader in rewards points management, offering detailed points collection advice as well as a flight booking service that is able to secure Business Class or First Class seats for a fraction of the standard cash price. They’ll show you how to accumulate points faster and help you spend them more cost-effectively.

Put hard-to-use points to work

IFlyFlat dispels the myth that frequent flyer points are easy to earn but difficult to redeem. Their team are experts at finding and booking award seats with points, across multiple airlines. At last, you can use those points that have been gathering dust, or even threatening to expire before you’ve been able to use them.

Saves time as well as money

It can take hours to trawl through the internet, trying to find an award seat for your chosen route and dates. Hand the job over to the experts, and return to what you do best – looking after your own business.

Travelling in Business Class comfort will help you grow your business

Business owners and senior employees can travel in comfort and style, work or relax during the flight, and arrive refreshed and ready to do business because, with IFlyFlat’s help, they can afford to travel in Business or First Class.

’Success fee’ charge structure means you only pay if you get a confirmed ticket

With IFlyFlat the total cost of your trip will be the Frequent Flyer Points Required for the Seat + Airline Taxes + A Success Fee (payable to IFlyFlat). Current fees are displayed at the foot of their ‘Flight Finder Concierge’ website page. In the unlikely event that IFlyFlat cannot find you a suitable ticket, you won’t have to pay a cent.

Testimonials confirm that you will save time and money

Even though IFlyFlat charge a fee for their booking service, their many testimonials from happy customers indicate that overall they have saved their clients both money and points while providing an excellent level of service.

You can visit their website by clicking the link below.

Hassle-free and convenient. Use your points to book Business Class with iFLYFlat Rewards Flight Concierge.
Minimise your spending. Get assistance from the experts at using points to fly Business Class at HALF-the-cash prices.
Maximise earned points. Use your frequent flyer and credit card points in a strategic way. iFLYFlat will help you harness the value of reward programs to travel more for less.
Fly and save. Get an average trip savings of $5,100.
Reliable over time. Over 401 million points used with iFLYFlat within seven years of operation.
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Q&As about iFLYFlat from customers

Q: What is iFlyFlat?

It’s a frequent flyer points travel resource founded in 2012 by Steve Hui. It helps small and medium-sized businesses to maximise the benefit they derive from their frequent flyer points.

Q: Do iFlyFlat deal with only one airline and frequent flyer program?

No. They provide points collection advice and award seat booking services for all airlines likely to be used by Australians.

Q: How much does it cost to book an award flight through iFlyFlat?

Your total cost will be the Frequent Flyer Points Required for the Seat + Airline Taxes + A Success Fee. No fee is payable if iFlyFlat are unable to book an award seat to suit you. Current fees are displayed at the foot of their ‘Flight Finder Concierge’ website page.

Q: Will I have to pay a fee if iFlyFlat spend time on my itinerary but can’t secure award seats?

No. Their service fee is only charged for a confirmed ticket – in other words, a ’Success Only’ fee.

Q: Will iFlyFlat help me to accumulate frequent flyer points?

Yes. They provide advice on the best way to collect points through flying, credit cards and other methods, depending on where you travel.

Q: Will iFlyFlat save me money?

According to testimonials from satisfied customers, iFlyFlat saves money for their clients even though those clients have paid a booking fee to iFlyFlat.

Q: Can iFlyFlat find Business Class and First Class seats that I can’t see?

Yes, simply because that is their business model. Their team of award flight experts has ways of finding routes and seat availability that the average person would miss. They search daily until they find you the best seats.

Q: How much notice do I need to give of my travel plans?

Ideally at least two months, but they will still do their best to help with shorter notice periods. For regular customers whose travel needs they understand, the notice periods will be shorter.

Q: Will I need to transfer my points to iFlyFlat?

No. Your points stay in your own account and in your ownership at all times. iFlyFlat acts as your agent, to transfer the points from your frequent flyer account to the airline only when the booking is made. They can also monitor your conversion of points from credit card rewards points into a frequent flyer points program, ready to make a booking.

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