Use your points to book Business Class with Australia’s #1 Reward Flights Concierge.

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Rated 4.8 out of 5 for customer satisfaction.
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Hassle-free and convenient. Use your points to book Business Class with iFLYFlat Rewards Flight Concierge.
Minimise your spending. Get assistance from the experts at using points to fly Business Class at HALF-the-cash prices.
Maximise earned points. Use your frequent flyer and credit card points in a strategic way. iFLYFlat will help you harness the value of reward programs to travel more for less.
Fly and save. Get an average trip savings of $5,100.
Reliable over time. Over 401 million points used with iFLYFlat within seven years of operation.
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Q&As about iFLYFlat from customers

What is iFlyFlat?

It’s a frequent flyer points travel resource founded in 2012 by Steve Hui. It helps small and medium-sized businesses to maximise the benefit they derive from their frequent flyer points.

Do iFlyFlat deal with only one airline and frequent flyer program?

No. They provide points collection advice and award seat booking services for all airlines likely to be used by Australians.

How much does it cost to book an award flight through iFlyFlat?

Your total cost will be the Frequent Flyer Points Required for the Seat + Airline Taxes + A Success Fee. No fee is payable if iFlyFlat are unable to book an award seat to suit you. Current fees are displayed at the foot of their ‘Flight Finder Concierge’ website page.

Will I have to pay a fee if iFlyFlat spend time on my itinerary but can’t secure award seats?

No. Their service fee is only charged for a confirmed ticket – in other words, a ’Success Only’ fee.

Will iFlyFlat help me to accumulate frequent flyer points?

Yes. They provide advice on the best way to collect points through flying, credit cards and other methods, depending on where you travel.

Will iFlyFlat save me money?

According to testimonials from satisfied customers, iFlyFlat saves money for their clients even though those clients have paid a booking fee to iFlyFlat.

Can iFlyFlat find Business Class and First Class seats that I can’t see?

Yes, simply because that is their business model. Their team of award flight experts has ways of finding routes and seat availability that the average person would miss. They search daily until they find you the best seats.

How much notice do I need to give of my travel plans?

Ideally at least two months, but they will still do their best to help with shorter notice periods. For regular customers whose travel needs they understand, the notice periods will be shorter.

Will I need to transfer my points to iFlyFlat?

No. Your points stay in your own account and in your ownership at all times. iFlyFlat acts as your agent, to transfer the points from your frequent flyer account to the airline only when the booking is made. They can also monitor your conversion of points from credit card rewards points into a frequent flyer points program, ready to make a booking.

People are happy

Rated 4.8 out of 5 for customer satisfaction.
"Thanks Credit Card Compare! The customer service that was provided to me was efficient and courteous. They were able to quickly assist me with my issues and point me in the right direction. Thanks again!"
Andrew, NSW
"Credit Card Compare was invaluable in saving me the time of wading through all the various caps etc. that are now in place. Good service."
D. Jones, NSW
"I used Credit Card Compare when I was looking for a new credit card and am so happy I did."
T. Davidson, WA
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