Rewards Program Points Transfer & Conversion Calculator

Points transfer calculator

Find out how many rewards points you will have if you transfer to another program.

I want to transfer

What programs are there?
We are primarily focussed on rewards programs relevant to Australia. Currently you can convert from Qantas Frequent Flyer, Velocity Frequent Flyer, American Express Membership Rewards, and Jetstar Dollars among others.
What else does the calculator do?
We'll tell you how many points you would get when transferring points to any of the programs available to transfer to. You'll also get details on how long it takes for the transfer to complete.
What can I use the points for?
Get inspired to travel and explore your options with our points map.
How do I get more points?
One of the easiest and fastest ways to get more points is with a credit card. We'll show you the leading offers for your rewards program.

How points conversion saved the not-so-frequent flyer.

Because everyone likes having options.

Jessica used to travel frequently for work on Virgin Australia, between her home and Singapore. But about 23 months ago she changed jobs and no longer earns any Velocity points to add to the 33,800 points she already has.

But there was a problem.

After nearly 24 months of account inactivity, those points were about to expire. And she needed 35,600 points for a return fare to Sydney later in the year.

Luckily for her she had a rewards credit card whose points could be converted to Velocity Frequent Flyer points. Using our points transfer calculator she discovered that she could exchange 4,250 ANZ Rewards points for 1,888 Velocity points.

Those 1,888 points stopped her existing Velocity points from expiring. They also bumped her account up to 35,688 Velocity points, which was more than enough for the flight she wanted.

This case study is intended as a representative example.

Questions about our points transfer calculator

What is a points transfer calculator?

Our Points Transfer Calculator shows you not only the alternative rewards points programs to which your existing points could be transferred, but also how many new points you will receive in exchange for your existing points. Additional information provided includes the minimum transfer quantity and the estimated time required to complete the transfer.

Do all points transfer to all other rewards programs at the ratio 1:1?

No. Points in different rewards programs have different values. So for each point that you are transferring, you may receive more or less than one point in the destination program.

Can I transfer any number of points?

There is usually a minimum number of points you can transfer (e.g. 2,000 points). This minimum varies, depending on the rewards program. Beyond the minimum, points may be usually be transferred in specified multiples, e.g multiples of 1,000. It may not be possible to transfer a highly specific number of points, e.g. 2,357 points.

Can points in any Australian rewards program be transferred to all other rewards programs?

No. There are usually restrictions about which programs you can transfer to. Flybuys, for example, can only be converted to Velocity Frequent Flyer points. American Express Membership Rewards Ascent points, on the other hand, can be transferred to nine airline rewards programs.

Can sign-up or first-purchase bonus points earned in one rewards program be transferred to other rewards programs?


Can I transfer points into a rewards program without already being a member of the program?

No. You will need to enrol in the program first and obtain a membership number. Your existing rewards program will need this number in order to transfer the points to the correct account.

What is the process for transferring rewards points from one program to another?

Normally you just need to log in to your existing rewards account, select the option for transferring points to another program of your choice, and then provide details of how many points you wish to transfer plus your membership details (including your membership number) in the program to which the points are to be transferred.

You may also be able to transfer points by phoning your rewards program service centre.

Can I set up an automatic transfer from one program to another?

Yes. With some rewards programs it’s possible to set up an auto-redemption, so that points are automatically redeemed by transferring them to another program. The auto-redemption may be set up for specific intervals (e.g. quarterly) or once a specific number of points has been earned (e.g. 5,000 points).

Is there a fee for transferring rewards points from one program to another?

There is no fee for the actual transfer. But if you want to convert your points to Qantas Frequent Flyer points you will need to be a QFF member, for which there is a joining fee. Other airline frequent flyer programs do not charge a joining fee.

Can I prevent frequent flyer points from expiring by transferring points in from another program?

Yes. Many airline points expire after a specified period of inactivity in the points account. This includes Qantas (expiry after 18 months of inactivity) and Virgin Velocity (expiry after 24 months of inactivity). If you convert points from a credit card rewards program into frequent flyer points, this constitutes activity in your airline points account and resets the expiry date.

Can I transfer the points back if I change my mind?

Not normally. With a very few exceptions the traffic direction is proprietary rewards program points converting to airline points (e.g. ANZ Rewards points converting to Virgin Velocity points). Conversion from airline points back into proprietary rewards programs is not usually possible.