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Miles CCC

Sarah draws on 5+ years of copywriting experience across a variety of industries. From writing product descriptions for Volkswagen to crafting McDonald’s promotional emails – in 2017, she eventually found herself immersed in the world of finance.

Starting out with Westpac, over time Sarah broadened her financial copywriting skills by working alongside St.George, Bank of Melbourne and Bank SA simultaneously before ultimately joining the Credit Card Compare team.

Passionate about transparency and simplicity, as a writer she thrives on taking mundane or misconceived financial topics and writing about them in a way that’s easily digested by any Aussie. 

At present, you’ll find her writing our blog posts, emails and other relevant content. A cashback aficionado, Sarah loves making her money work harder for her – which often involves roping friends and family into trying the latest money-saving app.

She has been syndicated online for both ghostwriting and published pieces in Yahoo Finance, The Daily Mail and The Epoch Times.

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