Compare Suncorp Credit Cards

Compare the latest Suncorp credit cards. Review their features, rewards, rates, and fees to make an informed decision about applying.

By   |   Updated 12 Mar 2024

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Comparing Suncorp credit cards

Suncorp Clear Options Platinum Credit Card

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  • 120,000 bonus Suncorp Credit Card Rewards Points for spending $3,000 on eligible transactions within the initial 90 days from approval.
  • 0% p.a. interest for 9 months on balance transfers. Reverts to cash advance rate thereafter.
  • Acquire 1.25 Suncorp Rewards Points per $1 spent on eligible transactions.
  • Platinum privileges encompassing concierge service and a variety of insurance covers.


  • Receive 120,000 bonus Suncorp Credit Card Rewards Points when you meet the criteria.
  • Earn 1 Suncorp Rewards point per $1 spent (or 0.5 Qantas Point).
  • A reduced fee of $99 p.a. in the first year and $129 p.a. thereafter.
  • $6,000 to $100,000 credit limits.
  • Complimentary insurance, including international travel insurance.
  • Access to the concierge service.


  • There is a 3.4% international transaction fee if you transact overseas.
  • A $40 over-limit fee for exceeding the credit limit.
  • Longer interest-free balance transfers are available.
  • Suncorp Rewards points don't convert to airline points at 1:1.
Suncorp Clear Options Standard Credit Card

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  • The 12.74% p.a. ongoing interest rate applied to purchases is economical.
  • 0% p.a. interest for up to 6 months on purchases, returning to 12.74% p.a. thereafter.
  • 0% p.a. interest for up to 6 months on balance transfers, returning to the 21.99% p.a. cash advance rate.


  • Enjoy the first year with no annual fee, saving you $55.
  • Introductory interest-free purchases and balance transfers for 6 months.
  • Low ongoing purchase interest rate.
  • Add up to 4 additional cardholders for no extra cost.


  • No interest-free days.
  • Doesn't earn rewards.
  • Expensive foreign currency transaction fee.
Suncorp Clear Options Gold Credit Card

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  • Earn 1 Suncorp Rewards point per $1 spent on eligible transactions, up to $1,500 per statement period; thereafter, 0.5 points per $1.
  • Redeem earned points for vouchers, cashback, or transfer to airline partners.
  • Add up to four additional cardholders at no extra cost.


  • Earn 1 Suncorp Rewards point per $1 spent on eligible transactions.
  • Choice of airline transfer partners makes finding a rewards seat on your preferred travel dates easier.
  • Comes with a complimentary purchase cover on personal purchases and a guaranteed pricing scheme.
  • Get up to 55 interest-free days on retail purchases.
  • Access exclusive pre-sales, offers, and competitions with Visa Entertainment.


  • No sign up bonus for new customers.
  • Suncorp Rewards points do not convert to frequent flyer points at 1:1.
  • The ongoing purchase rate is at 20.5% p.a.
  • $40 over-limit fee.
  • 3.4% fee on international transactions.
Suncorp Clear Options Business Credit Card

On website


  • Low annual ongoing fee of $45 p.a., with the option to add up to 99 additional cardholders.
  • Select between earning Suncorp Rewards points or Qantas Points on eligible purchases.
  • Enjoy up to 55 days interest-free on purchases.


  • Earn 1 Suncorp Rewards point per $1 on eligible business spending.
  • Convert Suncorp Rewards points to Flybuys points, KrisFlyer Miles, or Velocity Points.
  • Possible to earn Qantas Points instead of Suncorp Rewards points.
  • Minimum credit limit of $2,000.
  • Up to 99 additional cardholders, but at a cost.
  • A competitive annual fee of $45 p.a.
  • Free monthly statements for active cards.


  • No sign up bonus for new customers.
  • Membership fees apply to the rewards program.
  • Suncorp Rewards points don't convert to frequent flyer points at 1:1.
  • Annual fee per additional cardholder, which can add up quickly.
  • Overseas and international transactions carry a fee of 3.40%.
  • $40 over limit fees.

Suncorp Bank's credit card portfolio offers a broad spectrum of requirements, encompassing everything from platinum and rewards cards to budget-friendly and basic options. The bank also features credit cards specifically tailored for business purposes and cards that provide additional benefits like complimentary travel insurance. Applicants selecting a Suncorp credit card may benefit from initial promotions, including balance transfer deals or bonus rewards points opportunities.

Types of Suncorp credit cards

Suncorp provides a diverse range of credit cards tailored to various financial needs, including options for low interest rates, rewards and frequent flyer programs, cards in the gold and platinum tiers, and cards designed for business use.

  • Low rate credit cards: The Suncorp Bank Clear Options Standard Credit Card features a low variable interest rate on purchases along with a competitive annual fee. Cardholders also benefit from exclusive access to Visa Entertainment's entertainment offers.
  • Business credit cards: The Suncorp Clear Options Business credit card accommodates up to 99 additional cardholders, with the flexibility to set individual spending limits. Businesses can join the Suncorp Rewards Program to earn points on their spending, choosing between Suncorp Rewards points or Qantas Frequent Flyer points, though opting for rewards incurs additional fees.
  • Platinum credit cards: The Suncorp Bank Clear Options Platinum Credit Card rewards your everyday spending with Suncorp Rewards points and comes with a suite of complimentary insurances, including international and domestic travel insurance and purchase protection insurance. Opting for this platinum card allows you to earn Qantas Points by joining the frequent flyer program for an additional fee. Alternatively, you can convert Suncorp Rewards into airline miles with Virgin Australia's Velocity Frequent Flyer, Emirates Skywards, or Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer programs or into retail rewards with Flybuys.
  • Gold credit cards: With the Suncorp Bank Clear Options Gold Credit Card, you earn points for every dollar spent on everyday purchases through the Suncorp Rewards program. This card also offers gold-level benefits such as complimentary purchase protection and extended warranty insurance, ensuring you secure the best purchase prices.

Benefits of Suncorp credit cards

By choosing a Suncorp credit card, you gain access to a suite of benefits designed to enhance your spending and banking experience:

  • Suncorp Rewards Program: Engage in a rewards program that allows you to accumulate points for every dollar spent using the Suncorp Bank Clear Options Gold or Platinum credit cards. Redeem your points for various rewards, including travel experiences, electronics, gift cards, luxury items, and holiday packages. If you're a business credit card holder, you can join the Suncorp Bank Rewards Program for a fee, with specific cards offering the opportunity to earn Qantas Frequent Flyer rewards. For detailed information, consider exploring the Suncorp Bank rewards program guide.
  • Suncorp Bank Internet Banking: Enroll your Suncorp Bank credit card in online banking to manage your finances conveniently. This service lets you make payments, review transaction history, and access e-statements anytime.
  • Suncorp Bank ATM Network: Avoid direct ATM fees by using Suncorp Bank or Bendigo Bank branded ATMs across the country. Remember that using your credit card for ATM cash withdrawals incurs a cash advance fee and interest rate.
  • Contactless and Mobile Payments: Experience the ease of contactless payments with Visa payWave for transactions under $100. Additionally, all Suncorp Bank Clear Options credit cards are compatible with Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and Apple Pay, allowing you to make secure payments directly from your eligible smartphone or mobile device.

How to apply for a Suncorp credit card

Applying for a Suncorp Bank credit card is a straightforward online process that can be completed in approximately 10 minutes, with an instant response typically following your application submission. To begin, ensure you meet the general eligibility requirements for the credit card you're interested in, which usually include:

Eligibility criteria:

  • Age: Applicants must be 18 years or older.
  • Minimum Income: There are specific minimum income requirements for each Suncorp credit card.
  • Credit Rating: A positive credit history is required.

It's important to verify the particular criteria of your selected credit card before applying. Once you confirm your eligibility, you can proceed with the online application.

Required documentation:

To support your application, be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Personal information: Your complete name, date of birth, contact details, nationality, and residency status in Australia. Additionally, you'll need to provide a driver’s licence number or another form of approved identification.
  • Employment information: Details required include your job title, the industry you work in, your salary, and your employer's contact information.
  • Financial information: Be ready to disclose any other income sources or assets, your regular expenses and any existing debts or liabilities.

Having these documents and information readily available will help streamline the application process for your Suncorp Bank credit card.

Help choosing a Suncorp credit card

Learn about how to compare, apply, and get the most out of a Suncorp card.

  • FAQs

  • Pros & cons

What are the reward programs offered by Suncorp credit cards?

Suncorp credit cards offer a range of reward programs, including cashback offers, travel rewards, and frequent flyer points. The specific rewards available may vary based on the type of credit card you choose.

How can I pay my Suncorp credit card bill?

You can pay your Suncorp credit card bill through multiple channels, such as online banking, mobile app payments, direct debit, or in person at a Suncorp branch.

Do Suncorp credit cards have foreign transaction fees?

Yes, Suncorp credit cards may have foreign transaction fees for international purchases. It's advisable to check the terms and conditions of your specific credit card for detailed fee information.

Can I request a credit limit increase on my Suncorp credit card?

You may be able to request a credit limit increase on your Suncorp credit card. Contact Suncorp customer service or log in to your online account for more information on the process.

How do balance transfers work with Suncorp credit cards?

Suncorp credit cards may offer balance transfer facilities allowing you to move existing balances from other cards to a Suncorp credit card. There may be specific terms and conditions related to balance transfers, including applicable fees and promotional interest rates.


Rewards program

Suncorp Credit Cards offer a generous rewards program, allowing cardholders to earn points on their purchases which can be redeemed for a variety of rewards such as travel, merchandise, or cash back.

Contactless payment

Suncorp Credit Cards come equipped with contactless payment technology, making transactions quick and convenient, especially for small purchases.

Travel benefits

Suncorp Credit Cards often offer travel-related benefits such as complimentary travel insurance, airport lounge access, and no foreign transaction fees, making them ideal for frequent travelers.

Fraud protection

Suncorp Credit Cards provides robust fraud protection measures, including real-time fraud monitoring and zero liability for unauthorized transactions, giving cardholders peace of mind.

Introductory offers

Suncorp frequently offers attractive introductory offers for new cardholders, such as low or zero interest rates for a certain period or bonus rewards points, making it enticing for those looking to switch or acquire a new credit card.


Foreign transaction fees

Suncorp Credit Cards may impose foreign transaction fees on purchases made in foreign currencies, which can add up and make international transactions more expensive for cardholders.

Balance transfer fees

Transferring balances from other credit cards to a Suncorp Credit Card may incur balance transfer fees, reducing the potential savings for individuals looking to consolidate their debts.

Cash advance fees

Suncorp Credit Cards often charge cash advance fees for withdrawing cash from ATMs or obtaining cash equivalents, which can be costly and may accrue interest immediately.

Minimum payment traps

Suncorp Credit Cards may have relatively high minimum payment requirements, leading some cardholders to fall into a cycle of debt if they're unable to pay more than the minimum amount due each month.

Limited customer service options

Suncorp's customer service for credit card holders may have limited availability or responsiveness, potentially causing frustration for cardholders needing assistance with account inquiries or issues.