Editorial Guidelines

Updated 29 May 2024

Here at Credit Card Compare, we put our customer's needs first. An important part is our editorial guidelines, a set of guiding principles designed to ensure integrity.

Guiding principles

  • Every customer deserves accurate information they can rely on when making a decision.
  • Any advertising should be clearly disclosed in a prominent location.
  • Advertisers cannot influence editorial content.
  • Provide clear and concise editorial content that is accessible to anyone regardless of their financial knowledge.

You can read our policy on how we make money to learn more.

Editorial integrity

  • The remit to write, edit, and publish on Credit Card Compare is solely that of our editorial staff.
  • Editorial content must be factual, honest, accurate, and compliant with governing laws and regulations.
  • Editorial staff must respect copyright and must not knowingly reproduce content without prior consent from the copyright owner.
  • Product reviews must provide an objective perspective based on fact.
  • Editorial staff are not compensated by advertisers in any way.