ANZ First Visa Credit Card

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ANZ First Visa Credit Card

Balance transfer


Purchase rate

20.99% p.a. ongoing

Annual fee

$0.00 for 1st year


  • Obtain $125 cashback upon spending $750 on eligible purchases within the initial 3 months after approval. Terms and Conditions apply.
  • Enjoy a $0 annual fee for the first year ($30 p.a. thereafter).
  • Benefit from up to 55 days interest-free on purchases by paying your account in full each month.

Pros and cons


  • Earn a $125 cashback when you meet the criteria.
  • $0 first-year annual fee.
  • A low minimum credit limit of $1,000.


  • There are no ANZ Rewards or Qantas Points benefits.
  • There are cards with a lower ongoing purchase rate.

About this credit card


Card usage

Apple Pay Enabled
Card Type
Gambling Transactions Allowed
Samsung Pay Enabled


Joint Application Accepted
Minimum Age
18 years
Minimum Credit Rating
Good, Very Good, Excellent
Minimum Income
Temporary Residents Accepted

Additional cardholders

Additional Cardholders
Additional Card Fee Ongoing

Credit limits

Minimum Credit Limit
Maximum Credit Limit


Interest Charged From
Purchase date
Interest Free Period
Up to 55 days on purchases
Minimum Repayment Percentage

Balance transfers

Balance transfer offer

Balance Transfer Rate
Balance Transfer Period
Balance Transfer Fee Percentage

Balance transfer conditions

Balance Transfer From Personal Loan
Balance Transfer Limit Percentage
Balance Transfer Revert Rate

Rates, fees, charges

Cash advances

Cash Advance Rate
21.99% p.a.
Cash Advance Fee
Cash Advance Fee Percentage
Cash Advance Fee Threshold


Purchase Rate Introductory Offer
Purchase Rate Introductory Period
Purchase Rate Ongoing
20.99% p.a.

Account fees

Annual Fee Initial Year
Annual Fee Ongoing
Dishonour Fee
Duplicate Statement Fee
Foreign Exchange Fee Percentage
Late Payment Fee


Rewards program basics

Rewards Program
Rewards Program Annual Fee Initial Year
Rewards Points Expiry

Rewards points per $1 spent

Domestic Rewards Points Earn Rate
Government Rewards Points Earn Rate
Overseas Rewards Points Earn Rate

Additional perks


Cardholder's Domestic Hotel Burglary Insurance
Cardholder's Extended Warranty Insurance
Cardholder's International Travel Insurance
Cardholder's Interstate Flight Inconvenience
Cardholder's Personal Item Theft Cover
Cardholder's Price Protection Insurance
Cardholder's Purchase Protection Insurance
Cardholder's Refund Protection
Cardholder's Transport Accident Insurance

Travel and lifestyle

Airport Lounge Access Included
Concierge Service Included
Complimentary Flight Voucher Included
Complimentary QFF Membership Included

Our review


Customer service

Rates and fees



The basics

  • Additional cardholders. This card allows up to 3 additional cardholders for free, which means you can share your account with family members and friends you trust. If you do add additional cardholders, you will be responsible for the account's management.
  • Digital wallets. Add this card to your phone with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. Other popular digital wallets like those from Garmin are also supported.
  • Gambling transactions. ANZ charges the cash advance rate on all gambling-related purchases.

Rewards and benefits

  • Complimentary travel insurance. Complimentary international travel insurance does not come with this card.
  • Concierge services. The ANZ First Visa Credit Card does not give cardholders access to a concierge service, which is understandable since it is an entry-level product.
  • Insurances. Cardholders will have extended warranty insurance and purchase protection insurance with fraud monitoring security from ANZ Falcon.
  • Rewards points. This card does not come with a rewards program.
  • Sign-up bonus. If you apply for a new ANZ First Visa Credit Card, you will earn $125 cashback when you spend $750 on eligible purchases in the first 3 months from approval.

Rates and fees

  • Annual fee. The first-year annual fee is waived. After the promotional year, it will cost $30 p.a., which will be charged every year the card remains open.
  • Balance transfers. ANZ does not have a balance transfer offer for this card.
  • Cash advances. The interest rate on cash advances with the ANZ First Visa Credit Card is 21.99% p.a. with interest accruing immediately. A one-off cash advance fee is also charged per transaction.
  • Foreign exchange fee. The fee for overseas purchases or online in a foreign currency will be 3%.
  • Interest-free period. This card comes with up to 55 days interest-free on all purchases except cash advances. To qualify, you must have paid off your previous balance in full by the due date.
  • Purchases. The ongoing interest rate of 20.99% p.a. will apply to eligible purchases.


Reviewed by Credit Card Compare Staff

User reviews


Customer service

Rates and fees



Very helpful staff

Reviewed by shelleytas1964

Smiling customer says it all

Reviewed by Bev

Worth signing up for

Reviewed by Chicky

Good card, low annual fee, and no rewards/benefits

Reviewed by Sarah

Obviously the best choice

Reviewed by Carver

The most important think for me is the trust

Reviewed by Zuzka

Suited me and my needs

Reviewed by Dean

Happy with my card

Reviewed by Kerry

Very pleased with my card

Reviewed by Wendy

Great first credit card for students working

Reviewed by Gen

This card is pretty good

Reviewed by Anonymous

Get your debt under control

Reviewed by Jules

Very pleased with card

Reviewed by leslie

My preferred bank

Reviewed by Maureen

Bank is looking after me

Reviewed by Wilky

Use it for cashflowing

Reviewed by Member

Easy money

Reviewed by Don

Changed over

Reviewed by marianrose

Best card I've had

Reviewed by Sarah

Easy to use and manage

Reviewed by Marina

Very happy

Reviewed by Danielle

Had this credit card for 8 years

Reviewed by Ann-Marie

Handy to have as a back up

Reviewed by Julsy

It's just okay

Reviewed by Jonathan D

Trust my Visa card

Reviewed by John Tognola

Reasonable and good introductory card

Reviewed by Marie Divers

Same as the rest, but secure

Reviewed by Steve

Easy to use and linked with online banking

Reviewed by Crystal

ANZ Visa

Reviewed by Anon

Generally quite pleased with this card

Reviewed by Lyn C

A card for convenience

Reviewed by Sumita K

Fairly pleased with this card

Reviewed by Debbie Cantwell

Love the different colours and ease of use

Reviewed by Jess

Always reliable

Reviewed by N/A

Pleased with my decision to apply for this card

Reviewed by Daiva


Reviewed by Raj

Fees and charges

Reviewed by Deanna

Intrest free roll over period was great

Reviewed by Emma

Convenient accessibility

Reviewed by Magicabbie

Good to assist in savings and in emergencies

Reviewed by Shaun Payne

I save money with this card

Reviewed by Anon

Only ANZ

Reviewed by Shannon

Good customer service with ANZ

Reviewed by Kayla

Great for balance transfers

Reviewed by Kelsey Gibson

This is a decent value credit card

Reviewed by Gaurav

Handy for emergencies

Reviewed by Jamie

A good, safe, no-frills credit card

Reviewed by Jen

Look no further than ANZ when looking to bank

Reviewed by Lisa

New card

Reviewed by Karen

Great customer service!

Reviewed by Matt

Average card

Reviewed by Ester

Simple, no frills credit card

Reviewed by Peter

ANZ First Visa Credit Card

Reviewed by Max

Accepted in more places

Reviewed by Geoffrey

It suits my needs ok

Reviewed by Carolyn

Easy to use credit card

Reviewed by Vicky

Very easy to get and convenient

Reviewed by Noah

Makes life easier

Reviewed by George

First days free

Reviewed by Jason

Fees and interest rates are low

Reviewed by Michael

More than satisfied

Reviewed by Latisha

Wrong for me

Reviewed by Zohair

Lower fees would be nice

Reviewed by sosefina

Convenient automatic payments

Reviewed by John

Useful safety net

Reviewed by Christopher

I control the card

Reviewed by Anthony

I find this card very convenient and easy to use

Reviewed by Laura

Low annual fees with first few weeks free

Reviewed by Harpal

Good first credit card, features and value

Reviewed by Esther

Great balance transfer rate, low annual fee

Reviewed by Shaun

Convenient card, especially for travelling

Reviewed by Jenny

Easy to apply for when money was tight

Reviewed by Stephanie

First purchase was a nightmare

Reviewed by Pela

Convenient, but not as good as some other cards

Reviewed by Lisa

I was unsure, but it works well

Reviewed by Melissa

Trustworthy service, easy to use

Reviewed by Karen

Convenient, but high interest

Reviewed by Shirley

Visa cards seem to be more widely accepted

Reviewed by Kay

Unemployed, I got into heaps of debt

Reviewed by Lisa

Good, simple, no frills, low-cost, convenient

Reviewed by Jo

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