The Hipster's Credit Card Bill

By   |   Updated 10 Jun 2024

'The Hipster’s Credit Card Bill’ was dreamed up by the team at Credit Card Compare, none of whom are hipsters, and is intended to be a sarcastic representation of the things you could expect any self-respecting hipster to buy.

Hipster's credit card bill

What would appear on the typical hipster's credit card bill.

Credit Card Compare

The Hipster’s Credit Card Bill

Join us as we review the credit card bill of your typical hipster. You’re not likely to be shocked, though you may be embarrassed that some of the charges are strangely similar to your own.

Slouched beanie, $4 at thrift store: Society told her it’s supposed to pull down over her whole head to keep her warm. She dared not to listen.

Distressed tee with screen-printed bird silhouette, $30 on Etsy: If you liked it then you shoulda put a bird on it.

iPhone 5 64GB, $400 at Apple Store: Got to keep the hipster credentials by rocking the MP3 versions of the vinyl records… and by supporting Apple.

Ultraskinny skinny jeans, $22 at the mall: Oops, this is just one of those cash purchases. But only juniors size 0 skinny jeans cut off her circulation just right!

Boat shoes, $14 at same thrift store: Sure, they smelled like an old guy when she bought them… that just adds character.

Bar tab, 5 PBRS, $10 at dive bar happy hour: Why drink anything else? It’s cheap and the Blue Ribbon is such a classic.

Vintage fixie, $400 at community bike shop: No explanation needed. If there’s one accessory that just screams ‘hipster’, this is it.

Limited-press vinyl, $18 at corner record shop: Got to keep the hipster credentials with old-school music media.

Keffiyeh, $8 at multicultural arts market: Sure, these things are mass-produced now, but she doesn’t want her credit card provider to think she shops at the mall. (Those are cash purchases.)

Lensless Ray-Ban glasses, $200 at an independent eyewear store: These are a splurge, especially since her vision is better than perfect. They’re so perfect for derailing those “poser” comments, though!

Fact: Google searches for “hipster” increased three times between 2009 and 2012!

America’s Hipsterest Cities

Here it is, the moment you’ve been waiting for…

Portland, ME – Hipsterhood: Congress Street

Providence, RI – Hipsterhood: Downtown, especially near AS220

Philadelphia – Hipsterhood: Fishtown

San Juan, PR – Hipsterhood: Old San Juan

New Orleans – Hipsterhood: Marigny area

Austin, TX – Hipsterhood: East Austin

Denver, CO – Hipsterhood: Highlands

San Francisco, CA – Hipsterhood: Mission

Portland, OR – Hipsterhood: North Williams area

Seattle, WA – Hipsterhood: Capitol Hill and Ballard

Missing from this particular list is Brooklyn, NYC, with the hipsterhood of Williamsburg. They do win one ranking, though: lowest census return in NYC. Too cool.

Note: We overruled some of these from personal experience. Capitol Hill is 1000x more hipster than South Lake Union in Seattle, and there was no district listed for San Fran – the Mission wins by far!

10 International Hipster Havens

There are just too many to name them all!

London, UK – Hipsterhood: Shoreditch

Amsterdam, Netherlands – Hipsterhood: Amsterdam-Noord

Berlin, Germany – Hipsterhood: Kreuzberg

Moscow, Russia – Hipsterhood: No place in particular – the arts, shopping and nightlife are scattered

Beijing, China – Hipsterhood: Hou Hai

Tokyo, Japan – Hipsterhood: Shimokitazawa

Sydney, Australia – Hipsterhood: Surry Hills

Melbourne, Australia – Hipsterhood: Fitzroy

Mexico City, Mexico – Hipsterhood: La Roma

Reykyavik, Iceland – Hipsterhood: 101 Reykyavik

*This infographic was produced in 2012.