Where Will Your Points Take You? With Bondi Harvest

By   |   Updated 10 Jun 2024

You won't believe it! I just got an upgrade using points on my brand-new credit card from Credit Card Compare, and I'm flying business class all the way to San Francisco. $14 champagne, beautiful food, and a lie-down bed. I'm telling you guys that getting the right credit card makes a massive difference!

Travelling around the world

We've been traveling all around the world, visiting nearly every single continent. Recently, we were contacted by Credit Card Compare to see if I'm getting the most out of my credit card. And guess what? I can get an upgrade to business class using the points from my new credit card. To say thank you, we're creating our very first behind-the-scenes video of our next trip.

Sydney to Northern Territory

Here we are at Sydney Airport, ready to jump on a Qantas flight to the Northern Territory. We arrived in Darwin at one o'clock in the morning, and it's still 31 degrees. Tomorrow, we're up early for barramundi fishing and chasing crocodiles.


Day one in Tasmania, and it's cold! The ground is icy, and we start our food journey with truffles.


After a five-hour car ride, we arrive at an island known as the heart of the Philippines.


Our first full day in Japan is spent filming and eating. It only gets better as the sun goes down.


Day one in Lisbon is filled with exploration, beach visits, and walking down the streets. I'm in love with the food, people, and sun.

Bottom line

How's that view? There's no place like home. Thanks for coming on the journey with us! If you want to get the most out of your credit card like we did, check out Credit Card Compare.