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NAB Qantas Business Signature Card
100,000 Bonus Qantas Points when you spend $4,000 on everyday purchases in 60 days.
Experience fast online application.
Earn 1 Qantas Point per $1.50 spent on everyday business purchases.
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18.50% p.a.
NAB Rewards Business Signature Card
100,000 points when you spend $4,000 on everyday purchases in 60 days.
Earn triple points when travelling overseas or overseas purchases made here in Australia.
Earn double points on purchases made in major department and hardware stores.
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18.50% p.a.
NAB Business Card
Have the freedom to set individual cardholder credit limits for employees who need to make purchases.
Annual card fee is charged monthly at $9 per card.
Low 15.50% p.a. rate on purchases.
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15.50% p.a.

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Q&As about NAB Business Credit Cards from customers

If I want a NAB credit card, will I have to start banking with NAB?

No. You can apply for a card from NAB and, if approved, keep it separate from your existing bank. There is no need to switch banks.

What types of cards do they offer?

NAB has a large number of offers, with each tailored towards a different need.

Balance transfers: Many of NAB’s credit cards feature a low or 0% balance transfer interest rate, for periods which can range from the first six months to much longer periods when special offers are available.

Rewards points: NAB’s range of credit cards includes packages that offer great rewards giving you the chance to earn points on everyday transactions and redeem them for a wide selection of products and services. Options include NAB’s in-house program, NAB Rewards, as well as cards which earn Qantas Frequent Flyer points.

NAB Rewards points can be exchanged for merchandise from an online catalogue, travel, retail gift cards, and frequent flyer points with four partner airline programs: Virgin Australia Velocity Frequent Flyer, Air New Zealand Airpoints, Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer and Asia Miles.

NAB also offers cards with low interest rates on purchases, a low annual fee card, and a range of cards for businesses.

How can I earn more rewards points?

With a NAB rewards credit card, you earn points on everyday purchases, but there is often an opportunity to earn bonus points when you use your card for transactions with each reward scheme’s partner companies.

Some cards also have a large number of bonus points as an introductory offer.

How easy is it to transfer a balance to NAB?

New customers can transfer balances from either one or two cards from other providers. Existing NAB cardholders don’t need to apply for a new credit card to transfer a balance, although the balance transfer interest rate may be higher than the promotional introductory rate for balance transfers offered to new customers.

There may be an upfront balance transfer fee to pay. Check the details for the card before you apply for a balance transfer.

What is my NAB identification number and why is it important?

Your NAB identification number (NIN) is the eight-digit number printed on the reverse of your credit card. Every NAB customer has a unique identification number, used in online and telephone banking and when contacting the NAB service centre, to enable transactions and improve security.

How do I authorise transactions on my NAB card?

You can authorise transactions on your NAB card by using your NIN for telephone or internet transactions, your input PIN at retail checkouts and ATMs, or with contactless technology for transactions under $100 at participating outlets.

How easy is it to transfer money from my NAB bank account to my NAB card?

Once you have your card and NIN, you can set up internet and telephone banking, which will allow access to your account with your NIN and password in order to move money, pay bills and generally manage your account and card.

How can I get a credit limit increase?

Credit card customers may request a credit limit increase. When a request is made, NAB will consider the customer’s credit history and financial circumstances before making a decision, and will also ensure that the customer is aware of the implications of an increase. NAB also allows customers to reduce their credit limit to help manage debts.

Will I need my own Qantas Frequent Flyer account in order to earn points on a card linked to the Qantas Frequent Flyer program?

Yes. If you already have a Qantas Frequent Flyer membership, you can link it to a new NAB card. If you’re not a QFF member, you will need to become one so that you can receive Qantas points. NAB occasionally offers free Qantas membership with certain card offers.

What will I need to fill in the application form?

To apply, you need:

  • Your email address for NAB to contact you regarding your application
  • Your income and expense details
  • Your employer’s contact details
  • If you are self-employed, your accountant’s contact information
  • Details of your debts and property
  • An identification document such as your driver’s licence or passport

How long does it take before I find out about my application and get my card?

You will be given a response online within 60 seconds. If approved, you will usually receive your new NAB credit card by post within 5-10 business days.

Do NAB have any contactless cards?

Yes. All NAB cards have contactless technology that allows payments to be made, without swiping or inserting the card, for transactions below $100. Simply tap or present the card in front of the contactless POS terminal. Cardholders must provide a PIN or signature for purchases over $100, or at stores that do not support contactless smart cards.

How long have been NAB been in business?

NAB’s history goes as far back as 1858, when the National Bank of Australasia was established in Melbourne. In 1982 it merged with the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney, and later changed its name to National Australia Bank Limited. Over the past century and a half, NAB has become one of Australia’s ‘Big Four’ banks.

NAB operates in more than 900 locations, with over 30,000 staff servicing nine million customers. In addition to access to NAB branches across Australia, customers can manage their accounts via internet banking and a mobile app, accessing accounts remotely and managing common types of transactions online.

NAB offers financial services catering to both personal and business clients. The bank provides transaction, savings, investment accounts and specialised accounts. Other NAB services include credit cards, loans, investments, insurance, financial advice, and more.

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Rated 4.8 out of 5 for customer satisfaction.
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