Major update to Australia's first credit score app! Download it now.

Major Upgrades to Credit Card Compare's Credit Health App

11 March 2020: Australia’s first credit score app, Credit Health, has now been upgraded to let users track their repayment history across credit cards, home loans, personal loans, car loans and leases. 

The latest version of the app is available for download from the iOS and Android stores. The web version has also been upgraded to enable our growing base of users to easily see, track and understand their repayment history, as well as their credit score.

Since launching the app 10 months ago, over 26,000 users have on-boarded through the credit score service allowing them to monitor their credit health in real time, for free and on the go.

Credit Card Compare’s Co-Founder and Co-Director David Boyd says, “Missing repayments is a sure fire way to drop your credit score so we wanted to make it easier for our users to monitor their repayment history for current and old accounts - all in one place“.

“This is all part of our plan to help our users make proactive decisions to improve the health of their credit and be in great shape when they need to take out a new card, home loan or personal loan.” says Boyd. 

Credit Health App
The Credit Health app update is now live

Making credit scores easier to access and understand

The updated version of Credit Health is designed to offer a user-friendly experience that makes keeping on top of your credit easy. 

Key features include:

  • Unlimited access to your credit score from Experian 
  • List of open and closed lines of credit from the last two years, organised by account type (e.g. home loan, credit card, personal loan etc)
  • Balance details for open and closed accounts
  • Notifications when your score changes
  • No negative impact on your score since it is a “soft search” of your credit report
  • Secure and private 128-bit AES encryption to secure your data and privacy
  • Fast and totally free to use, no credit card required
  • Quick onboarding process of two minutes, all that’s required is your driver's license

It's so more than just a score

According to a recent Credit Card Compare survey, only 10% of Australians track their credit score. And even then, what people mean is that a mortgage broker checked it for them when applying for finance which is not the same as actually knowing their credit score number. 

With Credit Health, Credit Card Compare aims to help people understand, monitor and improve their credit score and repayment history.

Credit Card Compare’s other Co-Founder and Product Lead Andrew Boyd says, “We first developed Credit Health in 2019 with an aim of simplifying credit scores so Aussies feel in control of their financial future. It was a popular and helpful tool for our users, which led to the creation of the update. Credit Health now gives users so much more than a score – it gives them insight into why they have the score that they have, what makes it go up or down and actionable tips to improve it.”

Download the app

Get Credit Health on App StoreGet Credit Health on Play Store

The updated Credit Health app is available for Apple iOS and Android. Alternatively, you can sign up online at

For more information or to arrange an interview with one of Credit Card Compare’s Co-Founder, David Boyd, please contact:

David Boyd, Credit Card Compare


Phone: +61 423 019 348


About Credit Card Compare

Credit Card Compare ( is Australia's largest specialist comparison site designed exclusively to help millions of Australian consumers compare, research, and apply for credit cards each yard. The business also made Australia’s first credit score app, Credit Health, available for iOS and Android and the web offering consumers a free credit score service to help people to track their credit health. Founded in 2008 by brothers David Boyd and Andrew Boyd, Credit Card Compare remains independently co-owned by the two original founders to this day. It features data, calculators, tools and reports on 200+ cards from Australia’s largest banks and credit unions.