Credit Cards with Qantas Status Credits

Credit Cards with Qantas Status Credits

Find a credit card with Qantas Status Credits as well as frequent flyer points.

Frequent flyer status credits determine your membership level or tier in a frequent flyer program (e.g. Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum). They are typically earned by making flights, so the more you fly, the more status credit you earn and the higher your membership level becomes. With each increase in membership level you can expect more privileges, such as extra baggage allowance or airport lounge access.

But it’s now possible to earn once-only bonus status credits, over and above the normal status credits earned. A limited range of credit cards are offering bonus status credits for new cardholders using the card to purchase a fare with a particular airline, and then actually making the flight within a given time period.

There’s a further way to earn status credits by using a credit card, this time without flying. The credit card may be able to be linked to a particular airline’s frequent flyer program to earn status credits with that airline in return for shopping with the card at specified retailers.

These extra status credits may make all the difference when it comes to scoring a membership level upgrade, or retaining the membership level you already have.

The credit cards listed on this page are offering either once-only bonus status credits on a first flight purchased with a new card, or ongoing status credits for shopping with the card at specific retail outlets.

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Q: How are frequent flyer status credits normally earned?

Status credits earned for flying are the most typical kind of status credit. When you fly with an airline using a fare you have purchased (as opposed to using frequent flyer points for an award flight) you will normally earn status credits as well as frequent flyer points. These status credits are a measure of your flight activity and are used to determine your membership level in the frequent flyer program.

The more status credits you earn, the higher your membership level becomes and the more privileges you will receive, such as earning more points for your flight, extra baggage allowance, priority check-in, airport lounge access and preferential access to heavily-booked flights and upgrades.

Longer flights and more expensive fares (e.g. premium economy, business, first) will earn more status credits than short flights and cheaper fares.

Q: How can I earn frequent flyer status credits by using a credit card?

There are two ways to earn airline status credits with a credit card:

  • Apply for a new credit card offering once-only bonus status credits to new cardholders who fulfil certain conditions.
  • Use a card which offers ongoing status credits in return for shopping with the card at specified retailers.
Q: How can I earn once-only bonus status credits by using a credit card?

Some credit cards allow you to earn bonus status credits for making a flight, in addition to the status credits you would normally earn for that flight (e.g. 75 bonus credits in addition to the 20 earned credits for a Qantas Flexible Economy fare between Sydney and Melbourne). This usually involves meeting three conditions:

  • Applying for the credit card in question as a new cardholder.
  • Purchasing a fare with a specific airline within a specified period.
  • Actually making the flight within a (possibly slightly longer) specified period.
Q: How can I earn ongoing status credits, without flying, by using a credit card?

Some credit cards allow you to earn status credits without flying. For example, if you link a Coles credit card (which earns flybuys points) to your Virgin Velocity Frequent Flyer membership, you’ll earn status credits when you shop with your card at some Coles group retailers.

Status credits earned in this way will usually be capped, for example a maximum of ten status credits per month.

Q: Do status credits expire?

Status credits, including those earned using a credit card, do have an expiry date, because your status credit balance is effectively reset to zero at the beginning of each membership year. So any credits you earn will only count towards a membership level upgrade for a limited period.

That is, you will normally be required to earn a target number of status credits within a given period in order to progress to the next membership level, for example 300 status credits in 12 months to progress from Qantas Bronze tier to Qantas Silver tier. If you do not earn the target number of status credits within the membership year, the credits will expire and will no longer contribute to your potential membership level upgrade, or current membership level retention.

Q: What are lifetime status credits?

Although status credit expire, the airline will normally keep a record of how many status credits you have earned in total (‘lifetime status credits’), so that if you reach a specified large number of status credits you will retain your higher membership level permanently, without having to take the required number of status-earning flights each year.

Status credits earned by using a credit card, even though they expire, will usually count towards your lifetime status credits total.

Q: Can I use a credit card to earn frequent flyer points and status credits at the same time?

Yes. The status credits are earned in addition to any frequent flyer or rewards points that may apply to the purchase.

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