Qantas Status Credits Credit Cards

Compare credit cards that earn Qantas Status Credits to elevate your Frequent Flyer status and enhance your travel experience.

By   |   Updated 12 Jun 2024

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Comparing Qantas Statis Credits credit cards

Qantas Premier Titanium Credit Card

On website

Rewards program

Qantas Frequent Flyer

Points per $1 spent

1.25 points

Sign up bonus

150,000 points

Annual fee

$1,200.00 p.a. ongoing


  • Acquire 150,000 bonus Qantas Points upon reaching a $5,000 expenditure within 90 days of card approval.
  • Experience a 20% bonus on Status Credits for Qantas operated and marketed flights.
  • Distinguish yourself with this metal card, setting you apart from conventional plastic cards.


  • A very substantial sign up bonus with a reasonable spending target.
  • Earn Status Credits when you buy eligible Qantas flights with the card.
  • A high Qantas Points earn rate.
  • Four Qantas airport lounge passes each year.
  • Comes with complimentary domestic and international travel insurance.
  • The physical card is made of metal.


  • The annual fee is on the high end.
  • No free additional cardholders.
  • Ongoing interest rates are typical of a rewards card.

Qantas Status Credits unlock higher membership levels like Silver, Gold, and Platinum, offering perks such as higher Qantas Points earn rates for flights, upgrade priority, airport lounge access, increased baggage allowance, priority check-in, and more.

Status Credits are primarily earned by flying with Qantas or its partner airlines, but they can also be earned through credit card offers and occasional limited-time promotions.

Benefits of a credit card with Qantas Status Credits

The main benefit of a Qantas credit card that earns Status Credits is the ability to boost your status with Qantas relatively quickly and without the need to fly. However, there are additional advantages:

  • Some cards offer bonus Status Credits as a sign-up bonus or when paying for flights, helping you reach and maintain higher frequent flyer status faster.
  • These cards typically earn Qantas Points for every dollar spent.
  • They generally also provide airport lounge access, concierge services, and other travel-related perks.

How to choose a credit card for bonus Qantas Status Credits

When comparing Qantas credit cards, consider the following factors:

  • When the bonus Status Credits are triggered: Some cards offer bonus Status Credits as a sign-up bonus, while others earn them when paying for flights.
  • Spending requirements: Most bonuses have spending targets. Ensure you can meet these before signing up.
  • Eligibility: Status Credits are harder to come by than Qantas Points. As a consequence, credit cards offering Status Credits typically require excellent credit, higher minimum income, and may be limited to new customers.

Help choosing a credit card with Qantas Status Credits

Unsure about earning Qantas Status Credits with a credit card? Questions and answers to make a more informed choice.

  • FAQs

Do Qantas Status Credits expire?

Yes, Qantas Status Credits reset at the start of your membership year.

What's the fastest way to earn more Qantas Status Credits?

Earning bonus Status Credits through a credit card sign-up bonus or using your card for Qantas flights can be quick methods. Look for limited-time offers as well.

Is it possible to earn Qantas Status Credits without flying using a credit card?

Yes. You can earn Status Credits by meeting the spending target for a sign-up bonus or by buying Qantas flights with your card. It’s rare for one card to offer both.

What are Lifetime Status Credits?

While Status Credits expire annually, Qantas tracks your total earned credits. Once you reach a specified amount, you can retain your higher membership level permanently, even if you don’t earn the required credits each year. Credits earned through credit cards count towards this lifetime status.

Can credit cards earn Qantas Points and Status Credits at the same time?

Yes, Status Credits are earned in addition to Qantas Points.