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How to fly first class using points.

Jack rarely used his credit card. But then he realised a frequent flyer card could rack up serious points, so he compared and switched.

Now he runs everything—from groceries, fuel, household bills and even his tax—through his card and earns points on every dollar spent.

In just 12 months he earned more than 150,000 points. That’s enough to upgrade to first class for no extra effort or money.

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Q&As about the

What can you use Velocity Frequent Flyer points for?

When you select a Velocity credit card you gain access to the Velocity Frequent Flyer Rewards Program, which is Virgin Australia’s travel rewards scheme. The program allows you to earn and redeem Velocity Points whenever you travel with Virgin Australia, Velocity’s international airline partners and use your card with the worldwide network of program partners. This network of companies means that you can earn points by using your credit card to book accommodation, car rentals, travel assistance, insurance and much more. You also have the benefit of earning Points twice – both on your credit card and with the partnered company.
With the Velocity Program you can redeem your points for flights to hundreds of international destinations. The scheme offers Reward Seat redemptions for the lowest points cost, and if you can’t find a Reward Seat on the flight you want, you can always use your Points for Any Seat with the airline of your choice. Velocity rewards are not limited to flights – you can redeem points for a wide variety of products and services from partner companies including car hire, accommodation, travel and entertainment, retail rewards and charity donations.
The Velocity Program also features Status Credits, a tiered system that determines your membership level. Each time you fly with Virgin Australia and or one of Velocity’s international airline partners you earn Status Credits, earning more for higher fare classes and longer flights. When you join Velocity your membership is set at an entry level of Red. Your account is assessed daily and when you have earned enough Status Credits you are promoted to the next level, progressing through Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each time you increase your level of membership you start enjoying extra benefits.

What are the benefits of the Velocity Frequent Flyer?

With Velocity you can earn rewards quickly and easily if you are a frequent flyer, generating points each time you fly with program partners. The program also offers special low points priced flights with Reward Seats, starting at 6,900 points and an additional charge of $20. Europe Reward Seats start at 125,000 points plus taxes. Status Credits allow you to enjoy greater benefits the more you fly.

How do I earn Velocity points?

You earn points when you use your credit card with any of Velocity’s program partners. These include international airlines, car hire companies, hotels, resorts, apartments, travel and leisure services, online retailers, utilities, insurance and finance partners and business services.

Can I earn Velocity Frequent Flyer points while travelling abroad?

This benefit is one that many credit card reward programs overlook. Fortunately, this is not the case with Virgin Australia. When you are part of the program you are in position to earn points no matter where you are in the world. This holds true when shopping in person or spending money online. As long as you use your card, you are collecting points.

What rewards can I redeem points for?

Just as you can earn with Velocity program partners, you can also redeem points for a huge choice of rewards from these affiliated companies. Rewards include flights and travel services, retail products, business and leisure services, charities, food and drink, even space travel with Virgin Galactic.

What advantages does the Velocity program offer for families?

Coming soon, Velocity will offer specially designed Family Benefits. Families will be able to pool points and Status Credits in a single account, meaning you gain rewards and membership upgrades faster. New parents can pause their Silver, Gold or Platinum membership for six months after birth, picking up where they left off with the same membership level. Families will also be able to gain a complimentary Virgin Australia lounge pass each time they earn 100 Status Credits, and may transfer Velocity Points between membership accounts up to four times annually.

What extra family benefits do Gold and Platinum members enjoy?

Gold and Platinum members can make use of guaranteed Reward Seats for an annual family vacation. As a Gold member, you can redeem points up to four return Reward Seats for your family to any holiday destination within Australia. Platinum members redeem points up to four family members on return Reward Seats to a choice of hundreds of international destinations.

Does the program have any international airline partners?

Yes. When you fly with one of Virgin’s international partners you can earn Velocity Points. The higher the fare and the longer your distance, the more points you will earn. Some of Virgin’s international airline partners include: Virgin Atlantic, Virgin America, Pacific Blue, Polynesian Blue, Air New Zealand, Delta, Skywest, Hawaiian Airlines, and Singapore Airlines just to name a few.

What are Status Credits?

This is the best way for the Velocity Frequent Flyer program to determine your level of benefits. In short, Status Credits determine your membership level. The higher your level, the more benefits you receive. With each flight that you book you will earn Status Credits.

Do my points expire?

If you do not earn or redeem points in a three-year period your account becomes inactive and it is possible that your points and Velocity membership will expire. The period starts from the last time your earned or redeemed Points, and you will be sent a reminder email 30 days before the date on which membership will be cancelled. To keep your account active you simply need to earn or redeem some points with any Velocity partner. Occasional point earning and redeeming will keep your membership ticking over, but to get the most out of a Velocity credit card you should use your card often, making membership worthwhile, earning points and increasing your Status, and enjoying the benefits of the program.

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