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About Our Credit Card Balance Transfer Calculator

Our balance transfer calculator is the quickest and easiest way to discover how much money you can save with a balance transfer by comparing your current credit card with the best balance transfer deals currently available on the Australian market.

If you have a credit card with an unpaid balance and you are paying interest on the repayments, the cost of the interest can add up over the months and make it expensive to own your card. The smart way to manage a credit card debt is to find a new credit card with a competitive balance transfer deal, transfer the balance and repay with less interest.

You can discover all about how balance transfers work and how to compare them on our balance transfer comparison page.

Working out exactly how much you can save with a balance transfer can be very complicated, but luckily this calculator takes the headache out of the process. When you have found a credit card you want to compare to your existing card, take these simple steps to discover how much you can save:

  • Enter the details of your current credit card (or cards) including the balance, interest rate and annual fee.
  • Add the details of more credit cards if you plan to transfer multiple balances to the new card.
  • Enter the details of the new card you want to compare. The calculator shows you the calculated minimum monthly payment and you have the option to enter an over payment amount.
  • Get the results! The credit card balance transfer calculator shows you how many dollars you can save over the duration of the balance transfer along with graphs projecting how the balance and interest charges decrease over the course of this period. The graphs show the balance and interest charges for both your current credit card and the new card so you can quickly compare the two.

Below the calculator we present the best balance transfer credit cards currently available, with all the data that you need to enter into the calculator to get a clear picture of the money you can save.

Examples of Balance Transfer Savings

Example 1:

Peter has a credit card with a balance $2,300. The interest rate is 19.74% p.a. and the card features an annual fee of $89.

Peter likes the look of a new credit card that features a balance transfer rate of 0.99% for 12 months. The credit card features an annual fee of $55.

Peter enters these figures into the calculator and gets his results. If he pays only the minimum $57.50 monthly payment during the 12-month balance transfer period he can save $433.

Example 2:

Sarah has two credit cards:

Card A has an unpaid balance of $1,600, an interest rate of 17.99% p.a. and an annual fee of $70.

Card B has an unpaid balance of $3,700, an interest rate of 18.99% p.a. and an annual fee of $99.

Sarah has found a new credit card with a 2.9% balance transfer rate for 12 months and an annual fee of $49.

Sarah enters the information about her two current cards and the new card's details to get her results. The balance transfer credit card calculator tells her that if she pays the minimum monthly repayment of $132.50 and an over payment of $40, during the course of the 12-month balance transfer period she can save a total of $1,263.

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