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Compare what Suncorp credit cards can offer you. Competitive interest rates, insurance and rewards.

The big bank from Queensland, Suncorp offer an attractive range of credit cards including the Suncorp Gold and Suncorp Platinum, both of which are loaded with great perks and benefits. Signup for a credit card with Suncorp and you’ll be in good company, with over 1,000,000 customers across Australia who trust them for their financial needs.

balance transfer
purchase rate
annual fee
Suncorp Clear Options Business Credit Card
Enjoy low annual fee of $45 p.a.
Up to 99 additional cardholders
Choose two different Rewards schemes in earning rewards program: Standard Rewards Membership or Premium Rewards Membership (convertible to Qantas points).
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18.45% p.a.
No added annual fee for additional cardholders.
Interest free days of up to 55 days.
Complimentary purchase cover on personal purchases and guaranteed pricing scheme.
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20.50% p.a.
The 12.74% p.a. ongoing interest rate charged on purchases is cheap.
Low $55 p.a. annual fee.
Add up to 4 additional cardholders for no extra cost.
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12.74% p.a.

Q&As about Suncorp Credit Cards from customers

Q: Can I keep my existing bank account and open a card with Suncorp?

Yes. There is no need to switch accounts when opening a credit card account with Suncorp (or another bank).

Q: Do they have internet banking?

Yes. You can administer your account online, view transactions, send payments, apply for a credit limit increase, etc.

Q: Is telephone banking available?

Yes. You can perform the usual functions (balance check, payments, etc.) and speak to a real person for help.

Q: Who are Suncorp cards best for?

The standard card is a great value option for customers who want to use their card for everyday transactions and enjoy low purchase rates while saving on the annual fee for the first year. This card doesn’t have all the features and benefits of other offers, but offers real value for money.

The gold card is designed for those who want to enjoy superior benefits and are comfortable paying higher rates and annual fees, while their platinum card is designed for Australians on higher incomes with good credit history. These cards come with higher fees and rates, but also with extra benefits and exclusive rewards; customers often receive bonus reward points for signing up.

Q: Do they have a good branch network?

It has 240 branches in Australia, and offers telephone and internet banking services. It signed up its 1 millionth customer in 2010.

Q: Is there a balance transfer fee to transfer one or more balances?

No. Suncorp does not charge any administrative balance transfer fees.

Q: Can you transfer a balance from another Suncorp account?

No. Suncorp allows new customers to transfer balances from third party financial institutions, but not from other Suncorp accounts.

Q: What is Suncorp Rewards?

Suncorp Rewards is a loyalty scheme available to Suncorp Gold and Platinum credit card users. Points can be redeemed for a wide variety of products selected from Suncorp’s online catalogue, with items starting at 5,000 points. Points can be earned and redeemed at retail outlets, petrol stations and restaurants, and for bigger expenses such as flights and home furniture. Suncorp Rewards points can also be used for KrisFlyer and Velocity rewards, giving customers access to a variety of partnership companies.

One of the benefits of Suncorp rewards is Points Plus Pay, which means that you can use a combination of points and payments in exchange for rewards, so you don’t need to wait until you have accumulated enough points.

Q: How can I earn more Suncorp Rewards points?

Suncorp Rewards points are earned every time you use your card. Points can also be earned on any direct debits linked to your card such as utility bills.

Q: What can points be redeemed for?

You can redeem points for a wide range of merchandise, vouchers and travel rewards. Suncorp’s online catalogue offers more than 200 items including home cinema systems, personal entertainment and outdoors equipment. Shopping vouchers are also available and can be used at leading retailers such as Myer, Rebel Sport, Freedom Furniture and Target, among others.

Reward points can also be used for Take Flight Cashback, which allows you to book flights with any travel agent or booking service of your choice and then redeem points to re-credit your card against the flight payment. As a Suncorp cardholder, you gain access to the KrisFlyer and Velocity frequent flyer programs, meaning you can redeem points for flights with more than 30 airline partners to hundreds of domestic and international destinations.

Q: Can points expire?

Generally, there is no expiry date on Suncorp Reward points, but you will lose your points if you fail to keep up monthly repayments or your membership ends.

Q: Who are Suncorp?

Suncorp Bank is part of Suncorp Group, Australia’s largest general insurance group and one of the country’s largest banks. The group was formed in 1996 when Suncorp, Metway Bank and the Queensland Industry Development Corporation (QIDC) merged into the Suncorp Metway group.

Suncorp was established in 1916 in Brisbane, Queensland, as the State Accident Insurance Office, later called the State Government Insurance Office. SGIO became a major insurance operation, offering life and general insurance, and compulsory third party insurance, and later expanded to provide superannuation, building society and other finance services. At the time of the 1996 merger, Suncorp was entirely owned by Queensland Government, with $10 billion in assets.

Metway Bank opened in 1959 as the Metropolitan Permanent Building Society, converting to bank status in 1988. By 1996, Metway was the largest locally based bank in the region, also operating in Victoria and New South Wales, with assets of $7.1 billion. The other component of the merger, QIDC, developed from the Queensland Agricultural Bank, which opened in 1902. The bank initially specialised in rural finances, but later expanded to commercial lending to small and medium sized businesses.

The 1996 merger was an initiative of Queensland State Government, with the intention of creating a financial institution equipped to compete on the broader Australian market, and resulted in the fifth largest listed financial services group in the country. In 2002, the group shortened its name to Suncorp, to cover all the group’s operations in Queensland, across Australia and beyond. In 2007, it merged with Promina Group, and further diversified its insurance and financial services across Australia and New Zealand.

Suncorp Today

Currently, Suncorp is Australia’s largest general insurance group by gross written premium and the country’s fifth largest bank. Its services and products include personal, commercial, employee compensation and compulsory third-party insurance; everyday personal banking, saving and home loans; business accounts and lending, as well as specialist agribusiness banking for farmers.

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